5 Games today on the coin shop?



I only see one, Warstone TD. Anyone know if there were more and they just sold out fast?


the games came yesterday, not today, so yes, 4 sold out


Which games were they which sold out?


The last 4 in the list of sold out games on the coin shop page:


Wish I could have got Seven but I was asleep when new games dropped as usual.


dude, that shit went so fast, chrono staff was like:


especially cuz most ppl were wearing gloves and face masks :eyes:


If we’re lucky, we should get more keys from Seven: Enhanced Edition and from Driftland. We’ll probably Tweet about it when we re-add them to the coin shop. @Ernin8t0r - right?


I am speed.


Oh, that’s really nice but no Fictorum?
I wanted that game the most and missed it by a second.
If you could restocl keys for it too, that would be really nice and would make many of us happy too. :smiley:


Yup we’ll shoot out a tweet when stuff is restocked


Check your DM!


In case you missed the different thread about coin shop games, Seven and Driftland have been restocked.


Raccoon, you are the best! Thx! :slight_smile: :smile:


Any word on Coin Shop restocks for other games? Just as a totally random example… Iconoclasts?


I am not involved with the site.

But as I understand, it’s done. No more new games. No more restocks.