39 Essential Free Programs

Before you install any programs, make sure you have UNCHECKY installed.

“Unchecky doubles up: It unchecks those cheeky checkboxes (as you might expect from its name), and also sniffs out untrustworthy installers, warning you when you’re about to accept an offer of questionable value.”

I would endorse about 90% of these programs. I think my fav out of this list is Ninite. It saves SO much time when you are setting up a PC.
“Efficiency is the name of the game where Ninite is concerned. If you’re putting together a new machine, and you want it packed with free apps, Ninite can supply them—including many of the apps featured here—in one handy installer. Just check the boxes on the site, download your custom executable, and fire it off to get the latest versions of the most popular applications installed with one click. No choices, no options, just clean installs of your favorite stuff.”

Should we agree to disagree or do you agree?

Tunnel bear is a NO…

CCleaner is a maybe…


I dunno, usually when I’m setting up a new box I just head over to Ninite and flag the stuff I want from there. Anything else I can get from the vendor (Steam/Origin/GoG) or I install as needed. That being said, their blanket recommendation of TunnelBear is one I would avoid. If all you want is a secure tunnel for your data, they’re fine, but if you’re looking to VPN it up for * ahem * less-than-legal reasons (Yarrrr!) or you want to make extra-sure that Big Brother isn’t snooping on your stuff, then you want a VPN company that’s not housed in a country that’s buddy-buddy with the USA. More specifically, you want a company that’s not housed in a country that’s part of the “Fourteen Eyes”. If they are, any country in that network can demand data from the VPN company and the company is legally obligated to comply with the order.

Just my two cents, from a dude who is always slightly paranoid about infosec :slight_smile:


39! “essential” programs… :open_mouth:
and people complaint about bloatware… :smile:

also, CCleaner can wreck havoc on casual/inexperienced users that come by the phrase “clean your registry”… etc. :grimacing:


:+1:t2: on Tunnel Bear!

See! I want opinions…If you like something or can recommend something else, I want to hear about it. If you don’t like…Voice your opinion.!!!

Yes, it can.


i’ve used tunnelbear before, (think i’m still getting those “come back bear” emails once in a while), i don’t do “much” where i feel i need the “disguising” anymore
(if “NASA” or my isp want to spy on me watching hentai or tentacles, let 'em :wink:…) :rofl:,

and if i need some “proxying”, to like watch a YT song that’s locked out, or geo-restricted site/movie, i just click on Windscribe with the flick of a button, no need to restart browser or anything
and the free 10gb Windscribe has so far proved far more than what my needs demand -my browsing habits are fairly boring these days :blush:


I am “kinda Editing” the OP so no one can say…TL;DR.


It makes more sense if it were “39 free programs you might need one day”


Agreed, really nothing essential about most of them.