33% off coupon for Figment or Tacoma

Got the coupon in my inventory if you want it PM or reply to me with your Steam ID so I can trade it to you. I’m not looking for anything in return but the game just came out so maybe someone was thinking of picking it up.

Expires 03/10/2017, 17:00:00

PS The 33% is off the already discounted price so it comes down to $11.38

Ask @Fraggles Expires on the 30th

yea i suddenly got one of them 33% off Figment coupons too, happy to give it to anyone that like :smiley_cat:
(was going to put it in the dumpster, but seeing as they already have a ton of these, might as well try to be useful here)

Yeah after posting I worked out that everyone who had one of their games already got the coupon and they are the devs of Back to Bed which was free this week so plenty of people have the coupon. Oh well maybe someone wants it, it does actually look like a pretty good game just not for me right now.

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I have a 33% off on Tacoma if anyone want it. Expires on the 30th though.