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2FA required when claiming free games @Epic Games Store






I suppose everyone has it enable aleady, don’t they??


That’s fine.


Uh no I’m not very protective of the free games I’ve grabbed there.


I completely forgot I had 2FA on Epic games, this was a nice reminder I suppose.


Could someone please remind me of something? I understand that sometimes people save their credit cards to their accounts. But other than that, hacking a steam account or epic account really doesn’t do much right? You still have your email and can get the account back.

What can they do with it besides buy more games for you? Or they can be mean and refund some games because they never met you but hate you a lot.
Is it really only for the people that save their credit cards to their accounts? So the problem is solved if I just spend 2 mins typing in my credit card information for every purchase?


Not sure about the reason as well. But Epic got me in for the 2FA as it was one time a requirement in order to do certain things on the platform. (Can’t recall clearly as that was a long time ago.) So it seems like they are pretty determined in this regard.


Probably scared on the whole hacking account thing in regards to Fortnite and their popularity idk.


I find 2FA (and captchas >.<) super irritating, but it’s for a good reason they exist, so I’m okay with it. Maybe I have enabled already. :thinking: In any case, it’s fine with me as I actually bought stuff there, like Hades and Ashen. Control is so tempting, at first 10 glances, :laughing:


I still haven’t installed their launcher; just got the games…Do you need to have the launcher to do 2FA?


Shouldn’t be. Go here and check it out. You should be able to do it in a sec :wink:


I already have the email 2FA…

But HEY!!! I found out I got a 14.00 coupon…HMMMMMMMM!!! What to buy? What to buy???


Not sure about Epic… Maybe the walking dead collection or Borderlands 3 (personal taste)??

Take a look on those on sale might give you an idea.:wink:


those are on steam now, no “need” to buy them on epic anymore :wink:
probably better to use coupon on exclusive or cheap deal :stuck_out_tongue:


There is plenty of damage a malicious party could perform on a Steam account. You can permanently remove games from your Steam account, regardless of how long ago they were purchased. You can also get VAC bans or community bans for certain behaviors that are permanently tied to the account. Content for certain games is marketable (the CSGO market in particular moves a lot of money around). Etc. Many people have quite a lot to lose, so Steam account security is to be taken quite seriously.


Nothing, this is still Epic games and they have not changed their tune. I don’t know if we’re given the same coupon but mine’s only $9 off on something that costs $14.99 or more. Still gotta spend $5 to use it so that’s a coupon just simply better off not used in my opinion.


well, you better not use it fast cuz tomorrow’s the last day to not use it

i’m not using mine either, went through their whole store yesterday and the only things I want to buy right now are 2 games priced $13.99 (regional pricing) and the dlc for Control which go for $11.99 (i imagine that’s regional again), so i guess I’ll just wait for sales for those and also not use my coupon (cuz i can’t, cuz it’s $10 off on $14.99 or higher), just like u :joy:


Yeah… Got coupon too… looking at Tetris Effect. Looking at stats -> can’t run it. Please don’t remind me Control exists (I never forgot, :XD)


It all makes sense now.:upside_down_face: