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<24H August HB Giveaway


It is now Sept. 6th, so entries are closed.


Using the power of excel (wanted to see if I could get it to work) the winners are:

Vampyr Wargroove Genesis Alpha One Through the Darkest of Times The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters We Were Here Together A Case of Distrust
eishiya Halcypher rallen4269 SensaHuMuR Avy BlivetWidget rporter711

The excel formulas:




Edit: got a game name wrong


Thanks again to @Pylinaer for the giveaway and congrats to the winners!! :raised_hands:


Thank you! I’ve been dancing around buying Vampyr since release, waiting for better sales, now I can stop tracking it *o*


Congrats to the winners!


Thanks again for the giveaway @Pylinaer :ok_hand:

Congrats to the winners. :tada:


Congrats to the winners!

Also, I think I could kinda imagine how the draw works :nerd_face:


Doot doot! :tada: Much appreciated!


Well, congrats for the winners.