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<24H August HB Giveaway


Ooooh, awesome! Thanks for this chance @Pylinaer!

I would like to enter for Wargroove, please! And of course, good luck to everyone else here and have fun! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Edit comment now :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the giveaway @Pylinaer !!!

I would like to enter for : We Were Here Together


Thanks @Pylinaer for the giveaway and I’d like to enter for Genesis Alpha One


I’d like to enter Vampyr! Was a close choice between that and Call of Cthulhu D:


I want to toss my hat in for Genesis Alpha One please, and thank you for the giveaway @Pylinaer :+1:


Thanks mate, I would like enter for wargroove


@Pylinaer, THANK YOU so much for your GENEROSITY! :sparkles::zap::sparkles:

The game "Vampyr" was already on my Steam Wish List, so that would absolutley be my choice. :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Thanks for the giveaway! :+1:
I’ll enter for Wargroove.


Thanks for the giveaway @Pylinaer!

I’d like to enter for: Vampyr


I’ll join the fight for the said Wargroove, thank you mr. giveawaysir also known as Pylinaer. :smile:


Turning your misfortune of having forgotten to cancel into the potential fortune of others, very noble of you Py.

I’d like to enter for Call of Cthulhu, please.

That’d explain why so few were entering for it, thanks.


It is Already claimed as far as i can see .


I’ll join in with the good doctor in shaping London:

  • Vampyr

Thanks for giving it away!


Genesis Alpha One would suit my own mood. Thanks for the chance!


If I’m not late, I wish to enter for The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters.

Thank you for this giveaway!


Wow, unexpected surprise once again :grinning: I’d like to enter for Vampyr. Thank you for the giveaway!:heart_eyes:


Thanks for the giveaway @Pylinaer. I’ll throw my hat into the ring for:

  • Through the Darkest of Times


Shh… I think that would be part of the hidden rule of this giveaway :yum:


Thanks for the giveaway!
In case I did not miss the timeframe and claimed ones are a fair game… I’d like to enter for

  • Automachef