20 - Donum

Take a key.

Leave a key.

Simple, right?

Or is it?

Will people take a key and not post that they took it? Will people ninja all the keys and leave none? Will there be, gasp, honesty? Let us find out.

Disguise your key if you leave one like I will.

Poker_Night_at_the_Inventory - 0/1

9K3TL-??NHM-2TFAX - ?? = Sexual position (you know the one)

T94A7-A5B2W-?3G8G - ? = First letter of the English alphabet

XVFL4-I0YCM-KT4?6 - ? = I drank too much water and I really need to …

LY7BQ-PBYHD-HNKW? - ? = What most English people like to drink.

Keys may work (All good then)

Keys may not work (Let me know and I will delete the relevant game)

Keys may summon the Candyman (Yeah, you are on your own if that happens. Best of luck)


instructions unclear, code got stuck in ceiling fan :grimacing: :flushed:


Dont have anything to leave so not taking anything :open_mouth:


Just a heads up, tried to grab the poker night one for a swapsie. Its already been redeemed :expressionless: