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Should I try using a webcam for my stream or not?

  • yes
  • no
  • it rly doesn’t matter

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Would you rather I start a playthrough of Remnant 2 or Fallout 4 (next-gen upgrade coming soon)?

  • Remnant 2
  • Fallout 4
  • both
  • it rly doesnt matter

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Everyone is replaying Fallout games because of the TV show. Might as well go with the flow. See what happens.


Play the original fallout instead? Better game anyway and you’ll get to see what the actual canon lore looks like.


not my cup of tea; i value gameplay and story over graphics but i do have my limits XD


I might. It’s a bit daunting cuz it’s such a big game. I actually put 90 hours into it prior but never finished it (of course i never finished it :roll_eyes: I probably didn’t even get halfway through the main quest line :sweat_smile:)

Remnant 2 is must play for me on stream given the first one is the first game i ever streamed and so that will forever have a special place in my heart regardless. I have access to it on gamepass so basically what’s been holding me back is do i just play it on gamepass now without dlc or do i wait another year or so till i can get all content with a big discount later on Steam. (or perhaps i can just do the base game now and do everything later again on steam as well).

It’s kinda funny. I always thought streaming would make it easier for me to play all the games i wanted to but it rly hasn’t :rofl: (I mean, i still kinda thing it would if i could do it full-time perhaps, lol, ppl like Cohh and Lirik literally replay games often even though they play almost all big games (as well as other stuff) that come out).


Okay so I’ve started using a cheap webcam just to see how it is and I actually do enjoy it a lot and it’s a whole different experience and I think it’s more enjoyable for the viewers as well.

Based upon that I’ve decided to invest in an actually good webcam and the quality is amazing, I feel, rly sharp and no grain at all, so I hope ppl will come say hi. I’ll start using the new cam in the next stream.