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1993’s Doom Requires A Bethesda Account To Play On Switch, Quickly Becomes An...



Lol they really want that account


@Gnuffi already put it here…


The only good thing that came out of this was the memes.

All the memes.


This is just laughable and they are only mocking themselves by doing something so idiotic and asinine. I loved how they said that it was optional. It never should have been an option in the first place Bethesda. Let’s see what other “Great” ideas they come up with next. Those memes were so good though.


@Thorknight Thanks for bringing up this completely hilarious and exposing article about Bethesda. The memes made me laugh so hard! Nice work! :+1:


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The account thing I can kinda see as a blooper, bc I bloop all the time w/ our stuff.

But I am a little sad it’s supposedly an engine rewrite in unity and has some framerate issues bc it’s only using software rendering.

Btw if you are super into that kinda thing, Fabien’s books are great.