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19 Free Downloadable Games @ Indie Gala



I was searching for something else and saw the “Devs Showcase” Tab and clicked it…found these free downloadable games. NOT STEAM!


These don’t look like anything I’d be interested in, but it’s still pretty neat. Thanks for letting me know about this.


I recall antisquad being kinda popular on mobile(paid), I’ll have to give it a shot.

Crazy how the Amazon ratings range from

Terrible. Boring. Broken English. Playing this mobile game is like discovering that your old Atari had a mentally challenged baby. You feel bad. You know it is trying to be a good game. It just fails in every way.


Great game. Turn-based action done right. Simple interface makes it very playable!

I guess the bad rating comes from somebody who really games and the others might be strict mobile gamers (tho even then there are a few selected mobile games that qualify as games lol)


Thanks for the info.


Some of these look interesting so I got like 3 of em :slight_smile:




@delenn13 ty