18 day streak lost

Yesterday I logged in and got my 17 day streak. Today I log in and my streak was reset… again.
This has happened to me about 5 times in the last 2 months. My streak gets reset randomly. I make sure to do it the same time my husband does, every day. Yesterday, I was one day ahead of him. I collect my coins a few minutes ago, and my streak was reset back to 1. My coin log says I got my last coins 2 days ago, which is not true. I made sure to login before I went to bed at 9pm last night. I am on Pacific Time. The site resets at 9am every day for my timezone. Can someone please help me get my streak back?

If this is something that keeps happening to you, start taking screenshots of your transaction history each day. Keep the images in a folder and if your streak resets one day then you can email Chrono the images to show something happened.

Without proof Chrono aren’t able to do anything, people have complained about resets since the coins were introduced and Chrono have tried to replicate any problems and have never been able to*, any time they have investigated it has been because the user missed a day.

Good luck.

*Apart from one time where there was a known issue for some users unable to log in, Chrono knew about it and eventually fixed those people up though.