16 GB RAM Prices Seen for less than $100 USD!

Was casually browsing Newegg’s deals, and saw not one, but THREE different SKUs of DDR4 RAM for less than $100 USD. Two were G.Skill 3000 MHz and 2400 MHz for $93 and $90, respectively, and the last one was GEIL 2400 MHz for $95.

I wonder if they will ever go back down to the $65 I paid for my 16GB 2133 MHz G.Skill Ripjaws (which one stick died).

Also a bit miffed cuz I spent $175 earlier last year, probably around June, on Corsair Vengeance 16GB 2400 MHz RAM. (cuz a stick of the ripjaws died).

Edit: apparently can’t remember it’s 2019


I built my PC right before the prices started shooting up, I remember debating paying $75 for 2666 or $99 for 3200. Was a bit shocked when I started looking at prices to build my kids PC’s about 6 months later. (GPU and Ram both were outrageous.)


yeah that tends to happen when you get busted for collusion and price fixing and are faced with a class action lawsuit. I imagine they will go down a bit more.

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G.Skill is pretty good of a brand, but I never heard of GEIL. Still, those prices are amazing these days. I remember when they were incredibly cheap.

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