1440p vs 1080p - Can you spot the difference? (Data Warning)

I recently bought a 1440p monitor and I wanted to see if I could actually tell the difference between the two in several different games that I had installed on my computer that I assumed would support higher resolutions.

The pictures are as follows, see if you can tell the difference. You may need to view them fullsize. (pictures were taken at ~4k fyi)

The Division (1)

Payday 2


Cities: Skylines


Euro Truck Simulator 2

Plague, Inc

Stardew Valley

Tales of Symphonia

Borderlands 2

Let me know what you think! I’ll edit in my thoughts and which is which in about 24hours.


Well even though you took the photos with a camera, there will be some differences if you go from 1080p to 1440p.
Text is generally easier to read (but some applications and games don’t scale well, so you might have issues with the UI), textures are much sharper, if you are playing shooters, anything long distance looks more clear compared to 1080p, and anti-aliasing works better at higher resolutions (example in the railing on the Division screenshots).

So all in all enjoy your new 1440p monitor! :grin:


Is that a joke question?

I can see the difference between a 1080p and a 1440p phone screen, ofc it’s super obvious when a desktop gets a res that much higher


Comparison is a bit rough with a camera. My recommendation would be to take screenshots through Steam or a free tool called ShareX.


The idea was to keep the size the same. The screen size is 24"

If my main use is gaming, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Windows UI. I want to know how it looks in games. And I’m going to tell you right now you’re delusional if you think all games will see a difference. I’m trying to see if it’s worth keeping it as dealing with the scaling already is a pain in the ass.


If necessary, Windows can actually scale your desktop and UWPs by 125% if you check Display Settings. I recently bought a 1080p laptop without a size upgrade… it’s like a 1440p display for ants.

You’ll absolutely come to appreciate the pixel density with a larger screen size. In cases where the UI is too much of a hassle, you can still switch back to 1080p or 1200p.

That said, there’s a sizable modding community for purposes like scaling HUDs. They usually aim for 4K, too.


I’m aware. Either the 1440p is tiny or the 1080p is huge.


Also, what I’m doing tonight is putting together 3 monitors, spanning them, and seeing what that looks like.

Edit: Sucks worse. I had tried before, but with other games, was hoping some of the newer ones I purchased would be more supportive.

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A common mistake for users buying higher res monitors is staying at the same screen size. Imo you get more benefits from increasing actual monitor size with resolution then staying at 24" and going to 1440p. Haven’t verified myself but people usually say 27" is the sweet spot for 1440p assuming you aren’t really close to your monitor (at 27" if you are too close could be too big in regards to eye/neck strain) due to how pixel real estate works:

24" 1440p is about 122PPI

27" 1440p is about 109PPI

There is very little difference in pixels per inch but a 3 whole inches added to the monitor.

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My desk is 4ft deep with no keyboard tray. No mounts currently either.

Edit: I lied. It’s 2ft deep and 4ft WIDE. here’s basically my desk: Products - IKEA

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Ahhh dust our only enemy… and smoke kinda lol

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So I think I’ve reached an official decision. I’m going to go with two of the same resolution monitors, none of this mismatched monitor stuff.

And I’m cutting short the whole “discussion” cuz it’s not really a discussion.

@delenn13, @PeteMcc could I get a lock please?