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108,000 coins. Haven't missed a day since it began.


Every day for years now I’ve been coming to to claim coins. I’ve had an alarm set for noon everyday since the launch. There was 1 day i apparently missed the spin, although I swear that it was a bug. This coin shop has been a very important part of my daily routine for years!

I didn’t even realize that the shock was shutting down. If an email went out I missed it. I had always thought that someday they would put some more expensive games up for the truly dedicated spinners to blow some serious coins on. I’m hurt broken that the shop is shutting down.

What makes it worse is that now, the shop is completely sold out of everything and it looks like I won’t even be able to spend them.

I’m so ridiculously sad. :sob:


Welcome to the club. Just unsubscribe from there newsletters and move on with a better understanding of how they are willing to handle situations like this. is like cake, and we all know what cake is.


Layers?. Cakes are layers


This is quite possibly the most huge, colossal, monumental, and extensive dedication. Not only collecting all the coins , but barely spending so many. 108,000+? Have you ever spent any at all?

You deserve a specialty title for this.
“Loyal Spinner” “Spinster” “You Spin Me Right Round, Baby”

Or a specialty title for the amount of stored coins.
“Hoarder” “My precioussess” “Heads & Tails” “I’m here for the community” “Roses are Red, Coins are Yellow” “Joins 4 Coins”


Isn’t that onions.?shrek


So you came here with dedication even setting a regular alarm that spanned 3 years and somehow you didn’t know that coin shop was closing down? It’s been plastered all over the place for quite some time.
Also, just out of curiosity, what was your plan with all the coins anyway? Chrono was never going to work in a way that would put a game in the coin shop for over 100k coins.
Also you missed out on There’s Poop In My Soup.


I think the ongoing “what do I do with my hoard of treasure” posts are just wind-ups now. Don’t bite. It will soon be over and then start again when the shop is actually closed, then it will be just a little longer…


To be fair, the robot that I wrote to come to the site everyday and click on the coin didn’t notice it was closing down either.
It just sent me an email telling me how sad it is…


It’s actually not at all, as you can see here:

though they did have 1173 spins, i got 1190, and like i pointed out in that thread, there’s ppl with 1200+ spins, and there’s ppl with 150,000+ coins too actually (there might be ppl around with 200K coins too, possibly)

so their impression (having only ever missed 1 spin) is quite wrong


Ugh, I didn’t get nearly that many, turns out my robot is rubbish.

Even more so because I created it to get me those sweet, sweet coins without the hassle of having to see those pesky daily deals - However, it started emailing me with games that it liked and thought I should buy!


I, now, want some cake and I have 1204 spins. :cake:


delicious indeed


No, like clockwork I show up every day to spend the coin. The crazy part is that I’m a software developer and I’ve never built a bot to do this. It never felt like too much of an inconvenience to warrant it, but looking back on it I actually realized that spinning the coin was a huge drain on my mental energy. Sometimes I came to the website two or three times because I couldn’t remember If I did it or not. I will definitely say however, I haven’t seen any warning about it but I also haven’t checked the coin shop in a while.


If I missed more than one spin then I simply didn’t notice. but I have been buying games from the coin shop so you can’t really go off of that.


i dont need to go off your total coins, since i can just go off your total spins, and like i said, there’s ppl who have 1210 now, and they did so without a bot too, as did i.

also, this shouldn’t affect you so much, nor should spinning the coin be a drain on mental energy, let alone a huge one, so i do hope you get to identify the underlying reasons for that and overcome them

in any case, i truly invite you to keep showing up every day, but instead of spinning that coin (once it’s not there anymore), have a read through the threads here, enjoy the community and giveaways, and there’s no doubt in my mind that instead of being a drain on your mental energy, it will actually be a plus in your life, you might even make friends for life, which has happened to many of us, I’d say, over the years

there are some ppl here who, though i’ve never met them and probably never will, i know would be here for me with emotional support and even help me in any way they could irl should i need it, and vice versa.

and that is something even money can’t buy



calling that a gf is quite the euphemism :joy: