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1000 Cinematic Photo Overlays Bundle for PC & Mac



Calling all Artist and Graphics people…@Inferry, @terryndonita, @Rilover, @Whitishmink, @YQMaoski, @GanbaRANGER, @CptMold, @yitzilitt @AHMEDJXZ @Fraggles @dogetail @truly @eishiya @WikiTora @coralinecastell @BlivetWidget @whitdemon Don’t Yell at me if I left you out. Just calmly tell me…LOL

The Page for Eldamar Studios:

Here’s the site WITH THE GIVEAWAY:

During the install you will be asked if you want the SharewareonSale Daily Giveaway Notifier. You can and should(Unless you want it…I don’t even use it…I get daily emails from them) Click NO! See Pic below:

The file is not a program. Click the EXE and it will start the download It contains 1,000 photo overlays for you to use. You will get over 2 gigabytes of high-quality resources for your great projects. Simply extract the zip and start using them. Enjoy!

Your download will be slow…Mine is going at a snails pace. Just Saying…Because so many people are getting it now. You have approx 6 days to get it.

Enjoy :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


@NICK9X9 :yellow_heart:


Is this the part where I add @NICK9X9’s name???:joy:


Would’ya mind awfully putting that archive up on a cloud drive or torrent or something? Spare the rest of us from going through this undoubtedly spyware or adware infested installer/downloader. Because why else would they use that delivery method over a direct download link?


@coralinecastell @delenn13 Thanks for tagging me, am downloading it now, 5 minutes and only 60 mb, this will take a while.

@Fraggles i can try and upload it somewhere once it’s downloaded (hopefully it finishes today, otherwise maybe tomorrow)


Thanks @NICK9X9 for doing that.

I have been using that site since 2008. I use Comodo Antivirus, Malwarebytes PRO, SuperAntiSpyware Pro for protection. Plus I clean my PC with Glary Utilities PRO and Wise Care 360 Pro MONTHLY. I used to do it weekly but I never get anything but the usual cookies so It was a waste of my time.





[bruh’s audibly in appreciation]


Thanks @delenn13 for the tag! My wife was excited and has it downloading now :grinning:


Glad she is excited…Make sure she has the latest version for this too…V23.06

:wave:t3: @ @terryndonita’s wife :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Ok, got it downloaded (took 3 hours…Jeez) and i uploaded it on Google Drive, this should make things easier and faster to download.



Thank you, download just finished. Now lets see if there’s anything interesting in this thing.