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10 Second Ninja X - Free @Steam until 28th of May 2020



10 Second Ninja X - Hyperlink Just in Case

Get it, because it’s really fun game and will get you hooked until you finish it :stuck_out_tongue:



Thanks, @onLooSe :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


If you can laugh at yourself again and again and don’t mind restarting levels til you 'get ‘er done’, this is a fun game for you.

I’m not exactly patient, but in the early stages at least, I found it hilarious. ^^


Thanks for sharing :blush:


This is however even more frustrating than Super Meat Boy.
Wanted to punch myself in anger constantly -.-


Super Meat Boy - the game that finally convinced me I hate side scrolling 2D platformers and it’s not worth my time to “get good” at each one. It’s not a bad game (most platformers are decent in their own right), I just don’t want to dedicate half my life to mastering one specific level…for one specific game…and then have to memorize an entirely new set of physics, rules, enemies, and quirks for the next platformer.

Call me boring, but I like learning a major foundational core for a genre, and then tweaking my playstyle slightly to account for each games uniqueness within that genre. Platformers have the balance inverted imo.


BOOOOORING. Well, Ok, I don’t have a real response to you but I’m personally a huge fan of tough-as-nails platformers.

I’ve played this game a bit on the Twitch app, and didn’t really feel compelled to play much of it, but maybe I’ll play more now that I have it on Steam.


I’ve been on the fence about this one…
I wanted to get SMB (Meat Boy) when it was free via EGS, of course, the EGS doesn’t run unless one has a graphics card installed (and that is some wealth-based privilege shoving right there), so that didn’t happen, and it’s likely this game wouldn’t run at all on my lackluster hardware (again the wealth-based privilege is something I don’t have), so…
If I do get it, it’ll just sit there for Odinn-knows how long…(most likely)


That doesn’t seem right… and I’ve run Epic’s launcher on an Intel i3’s 1st gen. integrated GPU from 2010, so it definitely isn’t;)

You also didn’t need the launcher to get SMB while it was free. You can (and always could) claim all Epic’s freebies via their website.

Unless you’re somehow still running a system from beyond 2006, that’s highly unlikely.


I have an Intel integrated chip too, and a potato laptop, and Epic runs. Torchlight runs in my Epic launcher very well too.

Also true, EGS website is perfectly easy to obtain games too in my experience.


Yep, that’s the one I’ve downloaded the launcher for^^

  1. It’s a Celeron 430. 1.8GHz (and the error dialog message told me that it doesn’t run on integrated graphics so either the launcher is giving me BS or…)
  2. It directed me to get the launcher instead, which I did, GOTO “1)”.
  3. DELL Optiplex 330, 2008.


Sounds like “repurposed business computer” to me.



And that sounds about right then. You have a GPU integrated into the motherboard itself. The launcher probably refuses to run because it requires more recent DirectX support. Probably nothing can be done about it.

It usually prompts me to get the launcher/download the game, but only after I claim it.
Maybe you got the SMB after all. Check your account’s transactions history:

Better yet, try it again with the current giveaway:


It is, and I paid double the cost of the parts because I didn’t know better.


So, it turns out I do have SMB. I just can’t access any of the games because the damned launcher still won’t run.