10 Free EBooks From Amazon for World Book Day.

I am so sorry. Headaches again. Only one day left to get 10 FREE books from Amazon for World Book Day. Got this from @sewcraftyme :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

What are the free books?

  • The Puma Years by Laura Coleman (Travel Memoir, Bolivia)

“In this rapturous memoir, writer and activist Laura Coleman shares the story of her liberating journey in the Amazon jungle, where she fell in love with a magnificent cat who changed her life.” Check out the full listing here.

  • The Ardent Swarm by Yamen Manai (Literary Fiction, Tunisia)

“From an award-winning Tunisian author comes a stirring allegory about a country in the aftermath of revolution and the power of a single quest.” Check out the full listing here.

  • North To Paradise by Ousman Umar (Memoir, Ghana)

“The inspiring true story of one man’s treacherous boyhood journey from a rural village in Ghana to the streets of Barcelona—and the path that led him hom” Check out the full listing here.

  • Where The Desert Meets The Sea by Werner Sonne (Historical Fiction, Israel)

“An illuminating and heart-stirring historical novel set in post-WWII Palestine, where the boundaries of love and friendship are challenged by the intractable conflicts of war.” Check out the full listing here.

  • An Eye For An Eye by Carol Wyer (Thriller, England)

“A killer running rings around the police. A detective spiralling out of control.” Check out the full listing here.

  • The Other Man by Farhad J. Dadyburjor (Book Club Fiction, India)

“A heartwarming and transporting romantic comedy about finding happy ever after on your own terms.” Check out the full listing here.

  • The Easy Life In Kamusari by Shion Miura (Contemporary Fiction, Japan)

“From Shion Miura, the award-winning author of The Great Passage, comes a rapturous novel where the contemporary and the traditional meet amid the splendor of Japan’s mountain way of life.” Check out the full listing here

  • Mother Dear by Nova Lee Maier (Psychological Thriller, Netherlands)

“There’s only one thing worse than doing the unthinkable: what you’re willing to do to hide it.” Check out the full listing here.

  • To The Sky Kingdom by Tang Qi (Fantasy, China)

The listing for To The Sky Kingdoms doesn’t provide a short description, but you can check out the full listing here.

  • The Caiman by María Eugenia Manrique, Ramón París (Children’s Book, Venezuela)

“The unforgettable story of a man and his alligator.” Check out the full listing here

I can’t think of everyone…In a fog…I know I am leaving people off. Sorry!!!

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Missed it. It’s okay though, I spotted one series and I’ve had it with them. >< Sometimes you need to stopping milking the story.

Still, I’m too dizzy to read anyways. Last read was Silver in the Wood and most reviewers didn’t like the 2nd book. The first wasn’t like absolutely great, but it was enjoyable enough for a quick read.