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1 Screen Platformer giveaway


Thanks for the key @delenn13 and thank you @KingJamezJr for having this giveaway! :grin:


Thank you two very much :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

I wasn’t expecting this amount of quality, for less than a dollar. It was incredibly short but entertaining the whole way through. You just need to have a fun jump in your platformer and you’re already golden in my book.


Thank you for the game/giveaway :smile:


It would be nice to let the dev know in a review…Even if you just Copy/Paste these lines from here.

Gift was sent to @Four. Just got up. Need my Coffee :coffee: NOW :heavy_heart_exclamation:


The game is well done, but the last few checkpoints were hurting my physically :exploding_head:

Okay phew, took me 66mins to completion, fun, but that one place with the fire machinegun things was killing my soul.


That is exactly how I feel about the game


He’s working on another game…Being released in Oct.

I follow @zukalous and his Dev page now:


I am a sucker for runners, so I added yet another thing to my WL… lol!


quick update on this, return of the zombie king is out today so if you can go and show him some support