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Zombotron - 11/14/19 - $10.99


Today’s deal is Zombotron!





We read somewhere that according to some official model, if humans had a full-on zombie apocalypse on their hands, it would probably take us about 1,000 days to finally wipe them all out. Now, we’re not sure how wild it would get, obviously it’s tough to imagine something so nutty actually becoming real, but we’re pretty sure that if it did all go down, killing zombies would be almost as common in real life as it is now in video games. It’d be a real 30-50 feral hogs scenario, and honestly, maybe we’d be kind of okay with it?

Look, hear us out. Obviously, we don’t want anyone specific becoming a zombie, it’s not a fate anyone should want for anyone (besides themselves, we suppose…), but if there WERE hoards of mindless brain eaters shambling through the yard towards our children on the reg, wouldn’t an endless army of zombies be the perfect thing for people to take out all their violent tendencies on? Somewhere along the way, zombies have almost gotten the “robot treatment” where it’s totally cool to kill them on screen because technically they’re not humans, they’re the undead, so why not let all those people who feel like they need to hurt others go wild on the zombies? Sounds like a win-win to us, right?

Well sure, like granted, it’s kind of a messed up line of thinking, but in latin, Chrono translates to either “every cloud has a silver lining” or “translate nonsense however you need”, so that’s where our head is at, but let’s be real: if you’re buying zombie games all the time, like today’s Zombotron, which is only eleven bucks for this 24 hour period, you’re probably kind of into the idea, at least for the ways it helps lower violence in the rest of society, right? (Not to mention there’ll be a lot less people in general, but we’ll leave it to Thanos and the Avengers to show you why that’s a bad way of thinking about it.) So yeah, buy Zombotron today. You will not regret it, and in a way, you’re kind of saving the real world too.

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sticks a pin in it

New game to me, but it looks worth a look later… ack! my poor backlog! ^^


I had no idea this started as a Miniclip game.


it looks really cool, wishlisted atm because no money right now XD