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You're Banned!


Banned for being nice and supporting me. Obri. :yellow_heart:

@CptMold all I know abour Star Wars is that apparently two closely-blood-related people have some kind of sexual relationship, there’s a walking chupacabra or perhaps it’s a tropical yeti and robots seem smarter than humans. Also no one can’t aim worth shit and, on the same topic, there’s an ongoing argument about who shot first because, apparently, that’s highly important.

Oh yeah also someone’s dad is mean which is a real-life portrayal of unwilling parenthood. Bottom line: wear condoms, people. :blush:


banned for spoiling the starwars movies


Many bothans died to bring you all this ban.



Banned for negligent use of Bothan spies leading to unnecessary casualties.


For making me confused, because I’ve never seen a single movie or episode of star wars


Banned because you wrote “Your” instead of “you’re”.

You’reYour :stuck_out_tongue: ruining the younger generation’s grammar and that should be punished by exiling you from this thread!!!


banned for correcting nateninja21 grammar


Banned for being quick to partake in the floccinaucinihilipilification of English grammar.


Banned for having me decipher what you just said.


Banned for making me feel the need to decipher it,.


Banned for deciphering


838192349192394912394 You’re banned because you did not read that number.:sunglasses:


banned because…what would be the point to read that number…


Banned for questioning too much


Banned for linking to a comedic effort of mediocre quality!


Banned for giving ‘The Dictator’ as much as mediocre.


banned for including themselves even though they did nothing butread and for not knowing how the internet works


banned for banning someone not directly above you

xist said it was easy


No! He said, 'Simple." So you are banned!


Banned for not doing the simple thing… and then immediately editing your post so it looks like you did (ye, I saw that flash edit)