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Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with survival mechanics.


Guess I have to look up Denuvo. Is like some odd third-party thing? I’ve seen that name on games on sale before too.


It’s an Anti-Tamper/DRM. While those two things are not the same, AFAIK, Denuvo will lock you out, hence it should classify as a DRM as well.

My main problem is that companies refuse to remove it, even past its useful time. At that time, it becomes another piece of software that I must install to play a game.

We’ve had many an argument over this particular topic on Chrono, and I’d rather not do so again. (Those of you who I’m talking to should probably know who you are.)


It be it be. :100: :penguin:


The big issue I have with Humble’s good offerings is that, as has been mentioned before when Dark Souls 3 was bundled, they’re incomplete. This months early unlocks, Kingdom Come and Surviving Mars, BOTH have a shed load of DLC that actually look decent. In my mind I reason that if games aren’t going to be played any time soon then it’s far better to wait for a future sale and pick up the complete packages, rather than get bits of the whole. Assassin’s Creed Origins was another example of that too…


For the most part I do agree with you and waiting for a GOTY edition has long been my strategy. Sadly though it seems in later years that this practice is starting to be phased out, it’s getting rarer and rarer to see a good complete edition being released these days.

I had been waiting for a long time for Xcom 2 to release as such and that’s still not available. Even the first game has not recieved such treatment so I’m losing out hope it’ll happen. Sure there’s a steam bundle package but it’s just buying the separate parts as one and only with a small discount. For xcom 2 they’re still asking 122e for it.

Kingdom Come deliverance does have a “royal edition” released already which comes with all the DLC and is well cheaper than buying everything separately. Though it was only released at the end of May this year so you might want to let it sit and ripen for a bit. This is the reason I’m still a bit on the fence about this bundle.

Although, one benefit of these steam packages is that IF you do already own the base game or other parts of the package you do get the package cheaper. Which is not something you would get with a separate GOTY edition.


I was gonna mention that kindom come isn’t the full version, but im not that bothered, that content is worth that wait, but Im only after the base package, which is normally alone worth 15 pounds in my eyes.