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Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with psychological attacks and adventuring.


I did just say “the second half of MGSV doesn’t count” but, y’know. xD

also honestly did TOTALLY forget about shalashaska’s dad and partner of the boss, the sorrow, appearing as a ghost, but he was one of the confirmed psychics in the game, psychics have been pretty prominent in MG, but we have people charading as psychics here in the REAL world haha.

oh yeah and its revealed all of the cobra unit were SCIENCE experiments in MGS4 I think, another game I haven’t played due to its sony exclusivity. >.> but a lot of people dismissed the claims due to its… unbelievability, but that’s what the grandmaster planned I hope, which makes it canon in my eyes, regardless of how crazy it was, but I’m pretty sure that was the whole point, it’s a crazy fun fucked up world where everything is explained by things you can’t see, its brilliant, remember the famous quote "“how do you know it shoots infinite bullets snake?” “Because the bullet feed is shaped like an infinity symbol, duh.” “Ohhhh that makes sense”

yes that means death stranding is a LONG way away from me playing it.

Im not watching the video sorry because I’m still waiting to finish MGSV (I own the game, on PS3, but I can’t play it because I don’t own one, I play it at my dads who isn’t away that much, and I don’t get time to go round there that much) I didn’t even play the story I spent 90% of my time replaying the other missions to get staff, who I learned recently thanks to other spoilers that they’re ALL GONNA DIE SOON ANYWAY. ahem, so I just got to … the bit after you see huey for the first time, I have quiet, and so many mountain sheep.

I never liked ZotE too much xD but I realised it’s very fun to WATCH people play it, so I will be looking forward to seeing my favourite streamer play it xD


Don’t mind me… I have some thoughts on the Monthly bundle: 100% Agree that ‘A Hat in Time’ & The Escapists 2 make this month bundle worth it… BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT you are paying effectively 75% off for those 2 games (at $12 for bundle)… and since Conan Exiles is not a selling point in my eyes (Like guild wars 2 keys is not a selling point for the Winter Holiday Thing)… I guess the question is, are people just buying it for the two games, or are you praying for a holdout surprise at Month’s end?





conan exiles could be… interesting… I technically like that sort of game, but isn’t it just RUST?.. I have standards dammit, and wasn’t that game released like years ago? why am I seeing new adverts for it now?

there’s always a little surprise at the end of the month :smiley:
this months surprise was “forts”, obviously not tried it yet but it says its an RTS game, but it itself looks like worms, but with turrets? awh I can only say look at a video, I didn’t 'cause the screenshot I saw sold me xD

this months bundle is worth it for chrono cap by itself. :smiley:


Is it bad that i still love the MG Survive enemy designs? I know it kind of screams “weird Japanese game,” but besides being an obvious weak point it’s a super threatening weapon.

I remember seeing that a bunch of the devs from Silent Hill were moved into this project… that would explain it.


Sorry for the double post, but this was too good to keep to myself.


If you prefer Survive over Phantom Pain, it’s ok. But please, understand a director’s job.
The same orchestra sounds differently with different directors at its helm, even musicians knows that, if you catch my drift.


for me a Hat in time was enough
even the bundle price alone for that 1 game was cheaper than the game has been previously discounted before on it’s own. So even if all the other games at the end of the month suck (which i’m not even expecting), that game alone is enough to make me consider i probably got(will get) my money’s worth this round
just :crossed_fingers: that the game turns out to then be as enjoyable as i hoped, -and if not, that the remaining games makes up the difference :blush:


y do let us know what that game is like cuz i might want to play it one day been wondering about it


Of course. That’s kind of why I like Survive so much. It should be the weirder entry, but instead it’s probably the most coherent Metal Gear storyline since 1 or 3. Part of the reason the original trilogy is so much better than anything afterwards is because he had oversight, and it’s the weakest point of every entry since then. If there’s anything keeping me from playing Revengeance one more time, it’s probably the painfully slow cutscenes where you’re lectured on war culture, memes, and philosophy for hours on end.


i plan to see if i can get at it tonight or, if not, tomorrow, -will be sure to let people know my early impressions

see when i looked at MGS, it was nothing to due with “not muh metal gear” or "no kojima no buy"
but not just that it on appearance didn’t look remotely like a metal gear game, (chasing trends with survival, zombies, craft and sht), but it “on paper” looked liked not just a sht game, but “the worst” kind of game in my mind: Survival, zombies, “grind”/crafting = bs, no matter the game, title, creator, “genre”

i don’t know if those aspects were just merely highlighted by people having negative opinions about the game. But that’s what i see looking at gameplay footage, critiques and such too.
What i look forward to in a Metal Gear game is “superb” 3ps stealth, shooting, with some jank ass melee combat that seem like maybe it’s not entirely supposed to be there :smile:. With silly gadgets, “tech”, and nice sweet story driven decent “linear” experience that’s segmented with maybe the odd boss here and there
(with maybe the bit of “Stanley Kubrik wtf is going on’ish”/Kojimaness not being that high a factor tho, even if maybe still “appreciated”).
Like, “japanese James Bond”, sorta like if back then it had been an early “Kingsman”(but the game) maybe i suppose :smile:

and when i look at MGS, it’s just “X skin” slapped on “thine open world” filled with busy work of the Ubisoft-degree, with the most unimaginative boring elements a “game” could have. A chore to grind fck to slap 2 sticks together to make a spear and 1000 rocks to make a chair, and then just stand against the horde as wave and wave of “aw mah gawd CoD got zombie modes again hype-REEEEEE” just makes me want to bang my head against the keyboard over and over and nuke whatever part of the population ever made that popular enough to become a trend then into industry standard…

now, that might not be the actual gameplay, and “unfairly” overly highlighted by people… but that is the impressions i get/got from “looking” at the game, and why i roll my eyes at it. Not because “#FucKonami” or anything, but because on its own, “genre” whatever, it just looks like crap, and appears like the type of game/gameplay i loathe the most, despite metal gear title or not
(even if the title then subsequently just makes it come off even weirder lacking everything that made metal gear a metal gear: James Bond on crack)

but if that’s not the case, i’m curious at where to look for a more “nuanced” viewing perhaps. (tho even the basic of just being “survival”/gather+craft+zombies, still puts me the fck off immensely lol)


So I take it you don’t wanna play “7 days to die” with me then? :wink:

<insert J. Jonah Jameson laugh>



I mean… the moment I saw it, I was ecstatic. The mechanics are pretty close to what they were in Metal Gear Solid 3, except a little more subdivided now. That game also forced you to look for food alongside the mission.

It’s very much like what I hoped Metal Gear Solid V would play like, mixed with a fun and weird alternate universe spin with a return to a survival focus.


yea but MGS3 didn’t so much “force” you to go grind food,
it was scattered aplenty just on your route, due to that semi-faux openness of the lvls, so it was never a chore, or even a desperate necessity even on the higher difficulties
-i gathered everything, very true, but that was for the “collectathon” experience of it, that way metal gear invites you to find or do all the little unnecessary silly side things, “experiences” or secrets, like doing 100 pushups or what not, but not because i had to, just in order to then just stand against another wave of mindless and identical brain-dead enemy (because zombies(or their AI) are often just a cop out it feels)

i think the reason i asked the last section in my reply was because you directly mentioned stealth-action, (that’s the better part of metal gears to me for instance), which i’ve not seen “any” mentions of elsewhere.
But just that the game gets compared down to yet another mindless wavebased zombie game, “3ps CoD zombies” or sniper elite zombies with deployables and a stick if you will, dead island with worse crafting/less fun/to fck around with, etc etc… (whatever wavebased zombie game previous you can think of)
intentionally “designed” for mp in mind with the attitude or “make your own experience” despite the rinse repeat formula, with the “best” parts being sorta “the “The Last of Us”-in between cutscenes/story segments”-but even suckier

-again everything i’ve seen does sorta maybe seem like it has/could have a somewhat negative biased perception on it because of “konami business”/“no Kojima=no worthy”, so i can’t tell; if that’s just 5min of the game? -with the remaining 40min being diff/meh? and just unjustly intensely hating on those 5mins… But it’s the part of the game “i see”(even from their own trailers etc), so can’t really base my desire to “try”/purchase(or not purchase) on much else, since i’ve not seen anything “good”, to be aware of if it’s even there at all.

so when someone then says it’s good, it makes me curious about what the “haters” were wrong about, and if my impressions of “yay just another dumb zombie slaughter/crafting/grinding game” is “off” enough to warrant further peaking/where to look at for the “good parts”. (since i really despise just the basis of such zombies/waves/crafting/grind/“open world-ness”(in general too), in my mind it’s maybe, “where is the metal gear-ness” to counter “the bad” out)


The utter lack of stealth is the first thing you’ll find about the people who bashed the game en masse. I completely understand that it’s not a game for everyone, and there’s of course the exception of people who gave it a fair chance and didn’t enjoy it-- that’s fine. I’m talking about dunkey, Sterling, AJ, etc.-- the people who went in ready to bash it to Dite and back, and proceeded to do just that. They kind of had a formulaic cycle for the people who didn’t give it a fair chance:

  1. Buy/rent game
  2. Ignore everything you learn in the tutorial and/or from prior Metal Gear games
  3. Don’t even bother with stealth, just run right at them
  4. Fence + Spear, ignore everything else at your disposal
  5. Complain about Fence + Spear combo and how tedious it is
  6. Annihilate the game online
  7. Refund

I knew from the first gameplay reveal that this was a proper successor to MGS3, though obviously I was a little afraid that it could get MT’d to hell (thankfully, the closest it got is a Warframe style ‘revival pill’ system that’s just kind of a “pay to not have skill” feature, death isn’t that punishing). It has everything down to the detailed injury system, and I love it.

Obviously in typical MGS fashion, you don’t need to be stealthy. You’re free to charge in like an idiot, causing more zombicorns to be attracted to your location. It’s just going to be a lot harder to SURVIVE™ if you take this approach, but hey, you do you. It’s still a Metal Gear game, down to the classic “!” sound on detection and everything.

It feels like it did a much better job of using the FOX Engine than MGS V ever did. There’s some highly detailed volumetric smoke effects that are used to mask certain areas of the map, and in these areas, your map tools are crippled-- however, if you place beacons, you’ll see a glowing blue light coming from them even in these zones. Tools like that make an actually engaging experience where you’re slowly but surely cutting through these forbidden areas and exploring the map.

I don’t know about you, but I had to sidetrack quite a bit to find food in MGS3. Sometimes I would luck out and see a rat inside the vent (delicious), but other times I would have to completely abandon my current objective to seek out wildlife or go on a murderous rampage in hopes that somebody had a pack of rations. The absolute worst was near Grozni Grad (horribly misspelled that, probably), when I shot at least 50 guards and spent a good 20 minutes picking them up and dropping them for food. It was VERY counterproductive.

If you want to see someone give the game a fair shake, Liam (formerly from Super Best Friends Play) has his own channel where he archives his Twitch streams:


On a side note, I can’t express the level of “THIS GUY GETS IT.” I felt when reading this YT comment:


i’ll make sure to check that out, cheers :+1:


If any of you guys have for any reason an XBOX Live Gold subscription, you can play MG:S for free for the next 3 or 4 days.

In that regard, it’s a decent game, and I do think much of the flack it got is because of fanboys and Konami’s behavior.

Even people who aren’t a fan of the series jump on it without investigating a bit more, a good example is all the fuss about the game having a single save slot with the option of getting another one using the premium currency, which the game gives you for login every day, it is a bit obnoxious not gonna lie.

Now, MGSV had just a single save slot as well, which you had to delete or back up if you wanted to start a new campaign, it also had microtransactions as well.

Now I’m not saying MG:S is the next big game in the series, it does have its issues, but overall is a decent one, on my time of playing I haven’t had the feeling that I need to do microtransactions to keep on going.


Oh, MG Survive is really a Game with Gold right now? That’s awesome!

I really hope we can see another Survive title in the future. Metal Gear is a series with infinite potential, and after all, Solid was just one of many spinoff series (the fact that it became the main franchise doesn’t really mean much). Perhaps at some point, Konami can get Platinum on board for a Rising sequel to ease their way back into the market.


No, it has Free to play days, but you need to be Gold to take advantage of it, I think it ends on Wednesday, but you can play to your heart’s content until then along with Rocket League, but that one ends tomorrow Sunday.

Ground Zeroes is on Game Pass now, and that and V have been given out in the Games With Gold in the past.


I see. Still, not a bad way to give it a chance. I wish Steam had never removed the free weekends from everyone’s library-- I tried a lot of games through that old system, and now I usually learn about free weekends AFTER they’ve already ended.