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Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with less Metal Gear and more organized crime.


Destiny 2 seems like the sort of game most won’t like who usually use Humble, if it is for you, then I am pleased for you, dude.

It feels like Humble are maybe trying to gain new audiences, perhaps?


I don’t often buy Humble Monthly unless the early unlock games are interesting. I generally like knowing what I’m investing in when I spend money. I’m just not a fan of the randomness of it (even though I keep getting suckered into buying GOG’s “get random game for $3” events :sweat:)


At least for once the early unlock isn’t a game I own already… yay?

I’m still gonna buy it, worst comes to worst it’ll go to someone who wants it down the line.


Destiny 2

What think is it worth it ?

is there are anyone still play it



There’s a fairly lively conversation going on here:


Thanks :sweat_smile:


suppose this could be a “pearls before swine” thing,… :thinking: -if one tried hard :man_shrugging:
tho personally i find so many faults with this game/practices, i doubt even you could convince me to keep it this time around :wink: :blush:


the humble originals? not usually but today I did because we love local co-op games.


Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with the conversation. Y’all inspired me. I really did try to put your profile pics in on the crowd, but VEGAS started to do that thing it likes to do before it crashes, so I just left it as is. I’m still quite proud of it, anyway.

Oh boy, here I go meming again!

Funny thing is, my co-op buddies have been begging me to get Destiny 2. As far as co-op games go, the largest indicator of whether something is worth a buy for my group is if someone else is going to buy it alongside them. So… needless to say, I’ve been hearing a lot about Destiny 2, and none of it bad.

the painful tru-tru

still better than The Division lmao


I just got home from work and found out about this Destiny 2 business.

It’s not April Fool’s Day, so there has to be some mistake, right?


:rofl: :smile: :+1:

oh and the "best pirate"one/stab at Rome 2 :ok_hand: :joy:


@Gnuffi Oh man, that was a video I’ve been dying to make ever since I saw Rome II’s launch. The fact that the pirate meme is fresh in everyone’s mind after Sea of Thieves is just an amazing coincidence.

It was also an incredibly quick video to make while I was busy and still needed to make content after a lengthy period of inactivity. I’m hoping to get around to my main content plans in a week or two, though.


The first Destiny was garbage and this one seems to be the same. Five minutes in, first mission, and the game crashes with one of their bs errors.
I know how to fix the thing and be able to play the game, but port forwarding is too much effort. Like it’s too much effort having proper netcode, right Bungie?


I actually never bought a Humble Monthly bundle. But I’m really thinking of buying this one, even if the currency exchange is not good for me right now.

I played the free content of Destiny 2 and liked it somehow. I don’t know if I’m gonna play that much, but since Blizzard doesn’t give discounts that much (like Steam does), it looks like a very valuable bundle. I’m just sad I don’t have a 10% discount right now haha


You can buy a $1 tier game bundle and it will give you the coupon. It is only a little cheaper this way but then you get more games out of it :slight_smile:


yeah, i thought of that. it would cost me 20c less, which is a little but always helps


Reviving an old thread to talk about the new bundle.

Destiny 2: What an awesome featured game. Much smoother than I expected, visually stunning, enough depth for an RPG-lite focused on its gunplay, and an intriguing world worth exploring (even if the main story is only “okay”).

Yooka-Laylee: Trash-garbage and a hollow imitation of former Rare greats. It might have had potential had Team17 not squandered it, a sad case where a Humble Kickstarter project asked for help from the wrong publisher. Go play A Hat in Time instead.

Styx: Haven’t played it yet, but as a Spiders fan I’ve been looking at it for a while. It’s another Focus Home title that looked like quite a bit of fun, if a bit janky.

Cook, Serve, Delicious 2: The first, but better. I honestly have no complaints. The only difference would be more foods, a slightly improved UI, and new features such as Holding Stations, restaurant customization, and so on. The artstyle isn’t nearly as drastically changed as the screenshots led me to believe, and overall I found it to be a great successor to the first. All I can really do is thank the developer for allowing Humble to include it.

Bear With Me: I looked at this a while back, and only skipped it because I figured that I would play Episode 1 and never bother finishing the story. Now that I actually OWN it, I should really go try it out.

The other games in the bundle don’t really interest me. Never heard of them, no real interest in trying them.

So… yeah! $12 x2 well spent. Yes, including Destiny. If you’re not @Fraggles, I think you’d be quite happy with the bundle that dropped here.


I would have been more likely to buy that monthly if Styx was the featured early released title, but then I would have been very disappointed in the rest of it. Nothing here I’d want to play


If you still hold that opinion in a month, I shall take my hat off to you.

No, I think it is an awful bundle for my tastes too but if you’re happy, that’s all that matters. I’d like to echo @Fraggles and say I’d have left my subscription open if I knew I was getting Styx but I’m glad I didn’t, the rest would have been disappointing… ‘To The MAX!’

Looks like next month isn’t going to be much better… Pour moi.


Don’t forget Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth. That’s the title I am most looking forward to from this month’s bundle, actually…