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Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with less Metal Gear and more organized crime.


i have this semi scary feeling in my growling belly
(tho maybe it’s just a "i want ribs"notification?):thinking::man_shrugging:
that either the entire lineup this month is gonna suck major balls -and Destiny is the “whiff” of that, making me wish like never before that i wasn’t a year subbed… :confounded:

or it’s gonna be absolutely “stellar”
-because somehow, in their warped minds, they think “that”/:poop: is good, and compliment it with other smaller grand games, :thinking:
to really make people that didn’t buy in, (because of the “grr meh destiny sux meng”), super regret when revealed and “panic”/fomo/massively sub the next month then… somehow… :man_facepalming: (for some reason that’s a scenario i could see play out as “but; logic!”)


I think they have no idea what they are putting in these bundles for half of the time and use what they have in subscriptions to either put in better games or remove.

We get some great games for dirt cheap but these days, they fill up their line with games that don’t even appear on Steam, you know their “Humble Originals,” Line up. That is not what I want, I want game keys. Some of those games may be good but I doubt it, the Humble Trove seems like a good idea but I barely ever use it.

I don’t know, man, I am sick to death of this Blind Bag purchasing. It wouldn’t be so bad that once it was revealed, you had 24 hours to decide whether you wish to buy or not.

More often than not, I am not interested in the 60-70% of the games we get on any given month.

Yeah, I couldn’t buy a whole year of it.

Destiny 2, a game loaded with MT’s, poor story, repetitive gameplay. No thanks. I think they will know they have a stinker with most people who buy their bundles. It is most likely a different audience.


i actually refreshed the page twice when i saw it was Destiny 2, :rofl:
i literally could not believe my eyes :hushed:, and had to confirm that sht show was real :smile:


did you pause it? Or cancel it? If not I could help you maybe traders are offering around 5 csgo keys for it that is around €9+


@yoshirules No, not yet, I am downloading Indiana Jones and a few others from Humble Trove and I am cancelling it.
Yes, I have no doubt it will be traded at decent enough prices, CS;GO audiences are the sort who is likely to want something like Destiny 2.
I wouldn’t be surprised that this month they will get a flood of new members for Destiny 2 keys and a drought of existing members, as they cancel or pause their membership.

@Gnuffi Lol, aye, refreshing just doesn’t give you those sort of results but it was worth a try, I suppose. :wink:
How long do you have on your annual subscription? At least it is paid for, so there’s that but sadly you are stuck with games like Destiny 2. I feel your pain.


They are reselling them at black market sites for way more :expressionless:


I absolutely love the blind bundles, every month I get a little surprise. I was actually mad this month when they revealed so many that early, although this was one of my favorite humbles bundles so far. First time I activated and used all of my keys in a bundle.


yea, once the month is over, prices are gonna rise (usually does)
it can be fun to see how the “shady” market price fluctuates when there are legit sales/bundles, oh how some of them must weep when it goes on for long/consecutive stores.
and then the instant the legit sale/bundle are over, prices sky rocket, like x5 sometimes/some games/depending on price, -sometimes interesting to watch during/right after holiday sales etc :smile:


lol ofc grey here it is black :smiley:


euh, u mean colored, right? :roll_eyes:


hehe coloured market ok :slight_smile:


Ive never bought a Humble Bundle :upside_down_face:
I buy a game like every year so I would rather be very precise in what I get rather than 5 cool looking games I don’t know much about :confused:


To each there own, mate. I liked them once too. I appreciaed getting games I hadn’t heard of but were good, Fran Bow for example, sadly we are getting games that are not even on Steam.
It feels like a wee bit of a scam doing that, even if it is not.

Do you download any of those games, that are more like “Stocking fillers,” At Christmas. Out of the 3 people I’ve asked this, only one downloaded one but never played it. I’m just curious.


Don’t want to get into the trading business, but don’t really want my Destiny 2 key either… Ugh… Hope the rest of the month is better…


yours is worth more :smiley: from the USA
Yeah trading scene is not the nicest scene but if you need help let me know
(I have a high rep so its easier)


hi :grinning:


Disaster Averted… I managed to pause my humble account for the next month, thanks to @Gnuffi’s intel, now I don’t have to feel obligated to play a game I had no interest in…


:wave: hiya! :blush:


LMAO, just checked out Humble Monthly and went “whoa, that’s actually a pretty good deal! Finally, the quality content I subbed for…” and just before reinstating my subscription, I go to Chrono and find that everyone else is flipping their s*** over the game.

I suppose value is always subjective. :slight_smile:


To throw in my two cents: While I’ve been tempted to buy in on the monthly bundle several times in the past, I’ve always reminded myself of the reason why I swore off blind box-style purchases in the first place - there’s always going to be stuff in there you don’t give a crap about, so where’s the value in it?

I mean, sure, if the main game is worth $12 then it might be worth kicking in, but invariably when I saw one I wanted it was just the base game with none of the DLC packs or expansions, and it would have cost me more than $12 to get all the extras and get the whole experience.

So, as it stands, I’ll buy in on the weekly bundles when there are guaranteed games or products that I want, but the monthly bundles will remain untouched for the foreseeable future.