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Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with less Metal Gear and more organized crime.


The Division is secretly amazing, one of the most well-optimized games I’ve ever seen (looks gorgeous and runs smooth as butter), interesting storyline, and fun single-player missions. I helped alpha and closed beta test it, even though I’m not normally a shooter fan. Very unique, recommend everyone play through the story at least even if you’re not a fan of the dark zone lategame gear grind.

Between that and AC: Origin/Odyssey, Ubisoft has really turned their ship around. They used to shoot themselves in the foot almost as often as EA but they’ve really refocused on quality again. They’re second only to CD PROJEKT RED as far as my personal AAA publishers/devs ranking goes and managed to avoid all the major controversies this past year. DontnoD is tied with Iceberg Interactive for best AA studio, Take Two/Rockstar/2K Games is the most recovered, and TellTale Games wins the “I’ll Miss You Stupid Bastards” award. I’m probably forgetting a major studio/publisher, feel free to remind me. :wink:


Agreed, my only complaint is that despite allowing you to play solo some of the missions and particular enemies were clearly tailored towards MP, I was lucky enough to get an exotic drop early on, but a pair of missions come to mind were it is blatantly obvious that they want you to play MP instead of solo.

Then there are the incursions :roll_eyes:, otherwise I do like the division.


Oh for sure, but for us consumers it doesn’t seem great.

@Inferry, will some missions just auto drop you into a group, or do you need to make one yourself?


You can go solo for everything, all proper missions take place in a somewhat confined area (like inside a building, still pretty big), if you want you can make a group or queue for one yourself for every single mission at the entrance right before starting one, as well as choosing difficulty, but there’s two or three missions that include a particular mob type called heavy, they are walking sponge gatling gun turrets which only weak spot is on the back and they always face towards you, it takes a lot of effort to kill one on your own and one mission trows you two of them at the same time.

Then there’s safehouses across the map which are control points of sorts, they are little rooms(like an apartment or small office, one is a school’s gym) where you can go to rest, restock and buy equipment and you can see other players around, you can team up with individual players if you wish (up to three for a team of four) to free roam the world and take on missions, otherwise you’re all alone.

The Dark Zone is the multiplayer zone, everyone is up on their own, you can team up or go solo, but you’ll see other players going around, friendly fire is a thing, so you have to watch where you shooting at unless you want to be a rouge, then you’ll get a bounty over you or your group that will increase the more players you kill, I once paired up with a dude, he was grinding levels and I was looking for loot, I just started to follow him like “I’m just going in the same direction don’t mind me”, we never team up properly but we had a good time until we got destroyed by a group of rouges.

Incursions are endgame super hard missions, there’s four, but you need the DLC to access two of them, I went in one like “I can do this”, the first group of baddies had three explosive things I needed to blow up a blockade, I kill them, bastards keep respawning, it was obvious you where supposed to team up so someone was distracting them while someone else did the breacher’s work, still can be done solo, someone made a video of it, crazy stuff. The other one requires at some point activating two switches at the same time so you need to team up for sure.

Forgot to add, they added three missions which are pretty much horde modes, they are doable in the lowest difficulty but you do need a team for higher rewards, unless you get insanely good at the game.

This is just the base game, DLC adds more to it but I’ve yet to buy that stuff.


The difficulty of the heavy depends on the Faction. Cleaners are stupid easy once you learn how to deal with them. Riker’s heavy has an ammo box that just barely swings out to their left that you are supposed to shoot. Most times it’s more worthwhile to gun them down. LMB’s heavy is effing annoying unless you have a turret. Turret goes through their shield. If you are stacked Electronics it’ll rip enemies to shreds.

Darkzone doesn’t have Friendly fire. Rather, it has PvP and the occasional hacker. Oh, and the SHD Drop boxes are generally trash.

Incursions suuuuuuuck. Even with 4 players it is difficult. (especially if one is an idiot). Those are most definitely meant to be multiplayer. The rewards honestly aren’t super great either, so ignoring them is a good option.

Those three missions are also MP based and the rewards for low tier also suck. once you break I think wave 10 you get better rewards.

For DLC, there is Survival and the Underground. In survival, you have to manage a disease timer, getting cold, and fighting enemies. Luckily, since most people have gotten the shield for it, it has become much easier as you aren’t generally fighting with 20 other people for a set amount of drops. Underground is basically repetitive mini-missions that are “randomized” (not really).

Speaking of Shields, if you do the shields in The Division, it’ll unlock some rewards if you pick up Division 2. Unlocking the all the Shields will require the DLC however.

I will say this, it gets really grindy once you hit level 30. Your “end goal” is a Classified set(s) that suit your playstyle. Which can be a pain to obtain, especially with the stats you want.


I don’t know; i bought this game back in the day but found the gameplay extremely boring and repetitive; the game does look great but that doesn’t suffice me rly


I used to buy games all the time. The last few years, though, my family has grown and has developed some expensive health issues. My hobby has been put on the backburner somewhat as a result; I can’t justify all the spending like I used to when I have literally hundreds of unplayed games in the backlog, and hardly any time to play them (yay for parenthood!).

However, someone gave me a subscription as a gift, and it has been great. The Trove is worth a month’s price alone, and there is always at least two games worth playing in any bundle.

I just wish Humble would allow you to link your Steam account and provide an alternative to games you already own. I don’t expect them to replace one expensive game with another of the same value, but crediting me a small amount of credit for use in the Humble Store would be a welcome compromise, and then people wouldn’t have to worry so much about duplicates.