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Your thoughts humble bundle monthly, now with bandicoot, dragon, and gun simulators.


Wow. The New Humble Joke Bundle! =D


Fixed the title. Seemed appropriate.


I just activated my keys from the last bundle…Made me kinda sad…I know I have said this many a time. …

But I really miss the old days :disappointed: when humble had games from the 3 OS’s, all the DLC, the OST and any artwork/manuals etc. ALL INCLUDED :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Yeah, what’s the point of a game being cheap if you won’t be able to play it, even if you like the game, it’s not wise to buy something that you know you probably will never play.

I am determined to not buy Humble Monthly since I have just reached 1k games on Steam, and I have hundreds that I “want” to play (maybe half of that 1k), and there are like 400 in my wishlist that I “want” to play too. Since I play at most 4 games a month and I have several games with hundreds of hours (Stardew Valley, Don’t Starve, Minecraft, Rainbow Six, etc.) that I continue to play, it is just not realistic to think that I’m gonna play the games that I could get from Humble Monthly.


I"m on projects, so no time to even check out the current Humble, but yeah, I wish you could get all the DLC’s etc that come with game. Check out what Fanatical did lately with that new bundle. Hm.


@Fanzo you got me to look, I’ve got 945 games myself… Same boat only half worth playing. I’m going to stop at 1000 then delete the fodder for room… Kinda like I keep my Facebook.


Renewed Humble Monthly subscription because of Spyro and Crash, went to check out the Vault. It’s so big and diverse now. The last time I saw it, the Vault looked just like a cute gimmick. Now it’s a valuable addition to the subscription. And they got ALL the Broken Swords, if my eyes aren’t fooling me. Thaaat’s nice.

They are out of Call of Duty keys for now, that was a surprise. Wonder if they got less CaD keys from the start, or it is just so much more popular than the HD remakes of the best PS1 platformers ever that people activate them ASAP, leaving Spyro & Crash for later :face_with_raised_eyebrow: