Your Favorite Generally-Hated Games

They were the first 3D main games, taking a step away from the traditional 2D gameplay which they didn’t come back to until recently… it’s bound to leave some people a bit pissed.


For that I would have to know which games are generally hated! I think the Call of Duty franchise back in the day? Up until Modern Warfare 3. Played it all day, errrrrday! Other than that… Oh, Damned! Although the reviews are positive. So that doesn’t count. Ehhh, I DON’T KNOW BUT I WANT TO PARTICIPATE!


I would have to say that I really liked Borderlands the Pre-sequel.

I think the fact it had to follow Borderlands 2 means it came out of the gate with a bad rap because it had to compare itself to something that people liked so much already.


I think the Pre-Sequel and it’s a fine game, but a few bugs here and there and an awful character rooster of underdeveloped dimwits with a singular trait of personality they explode and repeat until exhaustion makes it really annoying. Whoever was the “wits overseer” did a horrible job. That on the top of bugs here and there and the worst decision ever of how boss spawned (spoiler, they just didn’t) on release was more than enough to have a bad reputation. It just lacks the ammount of work, dedication and care in both mayor and minor things that made Borderlands 2 great. You can’t switch a wonderfull placed Shakespeare refference for a silly plain australian racist stereotype and hope it works the same wonders.

I played it, but because I’m a borderlands maniac, and I’m afraid at this point I would play a Poop In Your Soup Simulator if it had a Borderlands theme.

Please, send help.


The only game I can think of that would fit this category is Dead Space 3. I seem to have generally avoided playing too many games that have been received terribly, and If I have played them then it’s not been for long as I too disliked them. However, Dead Space 3 got roundly derided because of the move towards microtransactions and action. But, the microtransactions had little to no impact upon the game since they mostly just sped things up and it was still a fun game, albeit one that had become somewhat dissimilar from it’s progenitors. It’s definitely not as good as Dead Space, or Dead Space 2, but if and when I replay the first game I intend to do all three again. Maybe even get some co-op in on the third one too!


For me, it’s Orcs Must Die Unchained. It started out as a f2p MOBA around the same time that LoL and Dota were gaining in popularity. It’s preceding games were Third Person Tower Defense, so original fans were not pleased to say the least. In the game, you would get better gear the further you progress, so veterans were bullying out newbies. This then flopped immensely, both commercially and in playerbase (having only a 100 or so people left before the change).

In order to salvage the game, they made the game PvE tower defense again like its predecessors. They made a couple of updates since then with new maps, changes to balance and progression (far less grinding) and new map modes (a sort of pvp version).

People were still overall negative towards it and a lot of people keep claiming the game is dead, although you really just need 3 person minimum in total to be able to have a full game. Which would be like saying that a chess game with 2 players is dead as well.

After a IMO long time of support the developer had to lay off staff and stopped the updates, because the game was not picking up much more players for a consistent time period even with major updates. So I doubt they had much money flowing in.

When you compare this game to its predecessor Orcs Must Die 2 the main positive differences are:

  1. Far more champs. Traps are similar I think.
  2. More types of enemies.
  3. New/different maps.
  4. Different playmodes like Chaos Trials and the PvP variant.
  5. The game feels more balanced when playing solo.
  6. It’s free, you only need to pay for skins if you want them, but even those you can get for free with daily logins.
  7. Its a co-op game for 3 players! If only it has local co-op for PS4 (where it’s also available)


  1. The game is server based whereas the previous one was done with local hosting or offline.
  2. Since there are a lot of melee champs, there are no flying minions anymore.
  3. Because of server limitations, you can only place a certain amount of traps per map. In the previous part, you could place as much as your pc could handle basically.
  4. The remaining servers are probably located in the US, so if you are Australian or something expect lag.

I put in almost a 1000 hours into the game since it became PvE, so I guess it feels right to call it my guilty pleasure.


Battlefield Hardline
I actually really enjoyed this game. It may not have been like the other games military shooter themes. To me, it was a nice change and visceral greatly improved some things and added many cool features. Also, I don’t think theirs another game out there like hardline. It may not be realistic, but if it’s too realistic it can be very boring. I feel like it’s going to end up being the same for Battlefield V


to be the best, all u had to do was drive in circles…


Yeah then people unlocked the RPG for your car and everyone knew where you could pick one up. So getting into a target car would be your end.


Haha yeah I did that, just driving on the edge of the map and everyone is like “ain’t nobody got time for this” and leave me alone xD

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