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You MUST Play This, Seriously... (While It Is On Sale)


I guess it’s just simpler to leave the game for free if you’re both the developer and the publisher as happened with these games: Alpha Polaris : A Horror Adventure Game and NaissanceE.
Also sometimes you get games like Shrouded in Sanity(currently on sale btw) where the dev just went “you know what, here’s the main game for free”.


Ara Fell is getting an Enhanced Edition due to an engine upgrade for their upcoming game. They decided to port the game to this new engine and added a bunch of new features and are re-releasing it.

If you own Ara Fell previously, you’ll get a free upgrade. The release is set to March 26th and the price will increase to $15, so if you want now, you can grab for $10 and get the upgrade later for free as well. There has been discounts before for the game, but now with the re-release we don’t know for sure when it’s going to get discounts again.

Here’s a list of the new features

  • Four new major side quests with areas to explore
  • New turn-based battle system
  • Overhauled UI; completely new menu system
  • Each character now can acquire an Ultimate Ability
  • Each character can choose one of two specialization classes, once unlocked
  • Every skill can be upgraded
  • Every skill can be augmented with one of two options, based on the specialization class (there are 80 skill augmentations in total!)
  • Crafting/economy overhaul - all new items, treasure, shops, etc
  • Foraging, mining, and diving for crafting materials
  • New enchanting system for adding stat bonuses to accessories
  • Supports the aspect ratios: 16:9, 16:10, 4:3
  • The game will automatically change its aspect ratio as the window is resized
  • New difficulty modes
  • Can enter water from any direction (instead of using sparkles)
  • New graphics (including lights, weather effects and shadows)
  • Lots of new enemy skills
  • All-new boss mechanics!
  • Animated enemies
  • Autosave
  • Support for most gamepads
  • Steam integration
  • Twitch integration
  • And a bunch of other improvements!


:thinking:… i own this? how do i own this ?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
surely this must have been bundled at some point?, or my “buy games and forget all about 'em” is starting to reach troublesome heights lol :sweat_smile:


I know I got mine from a bundle some time ago. :smiley:


Agmented Steam shows it’s been in a bundle 8 times, so yea


Yay! I hast it and installed and been tired, busy or distracted with other things to play it, eheh.


I’ve played for around 80% of the game a couple years ago, until something took my attention out of it. It’s a good game with an engaging story, satisfactory combat, bundled with nice atmosphere and music. I will probably give it another go after I finish the current game (hopefully). :rofl:

I do recommend if you like JRPGs and cute pixel graphics. One of the best RPG Maker creations out there.


I do mein sloth. Some insane part of my mind would play FFV and VI again, but the grind, oh dear slugs and snails, the grind.


Never played, but it’s 80% off ‘historical low’ and looks interesting, I’m kinda tempted.

@nebula7 @delenn13 It’s on your wishlist, there’s someone else, JPBelmont but I don’t recall their username used here in chrono. :c


so Assassins Creed Odyssey is currently nearly 70% off at Humble.
I haven’t played it, nor do I have the funds to spare on the game, but the setting and gameplay seem quite interesting, and that’s certainly a good sale.


Truth. Still got my currently owned ones to play when I can run them well. Can’t argue with a steep discount for those who want to pick it up though.


same. I played 2 and a bit of 4, but I’m sitting on Syndicate that I haven’t played yet too. Although I think the greek mythology setting seems really interesting. I’ve always loved stuff like that.


Yup - should be cool. Black Flag is the one I was super crushing on and then, there’s always Ezio - bad behaved dude that he is. :XD


US$ 2,00 for 48 hours!

one of the best horror games,


It’s cheaper at Humble…Plus if you get the monthly, you can use your discount…


I came here to post about Alien Isolation but you all are quicker than me. I did pick myself up a copy as it has been siting in my wish list forever. Nice present for myself for finishing raking my yard today.


Dude it is in my cart already… like seriously? Squee! Halloween in April :heart:


Not really for me… same $2, unless I use that 0.20 credit, lol.

Edit: Delenn is my spirit animal - it’s in my Humble cart, :joy::rofl:


I’ve never played it (just got it with this sale), so not sure exactly how good it is, but i’ve seen enough of it when it came out to know it’s pretty good, so just highlighting it’s got a good sale going on here


I really enjoyed this game. $2 is a steal.