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You MUST Play This, Seriously... (While It Is On Sale)


Thanks for that! It really sounds right up my alley. Both games appeal to me in different ways for sure.
I’ve got a hard choice to make it seems.


Geralt is sexier than Dante. You’re welcome, enjoy The Witcher.


Wticher 3 no questions asked really :slight_smile: While DMC 5 looks great you just cant beat Witcher 3. It’s amazing and that beats just great DMC 5.


Ima just disagree here…

Geralt has a whole ‘dad’ thing going, but that just doesn’t do it for me.

Also, which Dante we talking here?


Treason! Sacrilege! What lies are these?!


No lie :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


DMC5 Dante has a pretty heavy dad vibe going too, he’s pretty old in that game. DMC5 has more on offer on the sexy side though, you’ve got your pick of hot young stud guy, emo weakling or aging dad, there’s also a cat and a bird if that’s more your pace.

While you have some options for how you want Geralt to look, he’s still just the one guy.


You got a REALLY good chuckle out of me with that one.

Not Alighieri because he was the one that devised Elmo’s abode and therefore he is a demigod. I’m talking about the depressed kid with the giant fish chopper.

The truth which you refuse to see. pets your rage


Literally giggling my head off. :heart:


I appear to have unleashed something from you guys. Laughing way too hard at this.

I think considering what the games have to offer and what games I already have I’ll go with Witcher III. I’m out tonight though so I’ll probably buy it tomorrow.


Be sure to get GOTY , both expansions are increasibly great and worth the money.


Straight up, Portal 1 and 2 are like, games that need to be played before you die. Especially Portal 2, but Portal 2 is better if you play Portal 1, both because it is a direct continuance of it, but also cause it SEVERELY improves in graphics, gameplay, writing, narrative, etc. so it becomes an “upgrade” rather than just “regular” good game.


For sure. It’s only a 3 dollar difference anyways.


Geralt’s sexy behind wins once again! Let us know what you think of his gorgeous abs the game later! :blush:

Have fun, you’re in for an amazing ride!


Yeah although that’s now delayed cause when I looked today the sale had apparently ended. So a longer wait again for me I guess.


No worries, there’ll be a christmas sale in 3 weeks.


That’s what I figured so I wasn’t too worried. Gives me time to play Witcher 2 andFFXIV


Yea… Wasn’t feeling fluffy, so I missed Beyond Divinity again. Forgot the Portal bundle on Steam too. Ah well, til the next sale.


pets you to fluffyness again

Here have a picture of my dog I hope it makes you feel a bit better:


Aw… :heart: Doggo is so cute. Definitely a smile worthy sight. ^^ :hugs: