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Yoku's Island Express - $7.49 - 10/7/19


Today’s deal is Yoku’s Island Express!





Life is a lot like Yoku’s Island Express. Now, at first, maybe you won’t see it. Maybe you’ll get too fixated on the cute bug and the pinball meets Metroidvania vibe, and the pretty little backgrounds, and the awards-winning gameplay. But rest assured, Yoku’s Island Express is practically an allegory for life on this Earth, except none of it will click into place until you realize that yes, Yoku is a dung beetle, and even if in the lore of the game, that big white ball isn’t what we think it is, there’s no denying that this guy’s a plucky little champ who carries all his shit around with him and makes his fun out of what he’s got.

Bet you didn’t think about THAT before you logged on to Chrono today, eh? That we’d be selling you a BAFTA-winning game where you play as poop bug? But again, we just gotta play the stuff life throws at us. And honestly, if you think you’re too good for a game like this you can get right the hell out of here because that’s not a healthy mindset, and flying around as a bug with a big dookie objectively sounds like the most hilarious and fun thing in the world.

So please, gamer. Pick up a copy of Yoku’s Island Express today. And if not for your own enjoyment of a great game with unique mechanics and a fun little original character, at least if you grab it you can still tell people about the dung beetle thing because A. It’s funny, and B. It’s actually really freaking beautiful. You’re welcome for the party anecdote, friend! Now buy this game!

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This it the lowest Yoku’s Islan Express has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $7.70 on GameBillet.

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I’ve heard some good things about this game, pinball metroidvania is a curious genre combination but from what I’ve heard they’ve really managed to make the best out of it.


it’s also cute which is the most important feature in any game ever.


Can’t recommend it enough. It’s not particularly challenging, in both the physical or mental fashion. But it’s colorful, unique and wholeheartedly charming. Reminds me why i love gaming as a medium, in comparison with every other. A real solid 8 outta 10.


It looks interesting, but it looks like a game that can’t be activated in Japan. I feel a little disappointed.