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Yoku's Island Express - 5/20/20 - $3.99


Today’s deal is Yoku’s Island Express!





There is a lot to say about a game like Yoku’s Island Express. From jump, the first thing you have to address is that this jolly little rascal does most of his fun “riding around on a pinball metroidvania” stuff he does on a big dry ball of poop. Like, it’s not trying to be South Park or anything, there’s no shocking gross-out factor, he’s just a sweet little dung beetle, and like all dung beetles do, he carries his pooball around, and uses it for stuff. He gets stuff done with that poo. Who can blame him?

And honestly, hasn’t it felt a little bit like we’ve all been carrying around a big white hunk of hot dry crap everywhere with us lately? And yet, if you head to the Steam page, the only reviews you see are people saying that Yoku has been one of their most fun gaming experiences in a long time, and that the game is beautiful, and that Yoku’s smile is infectious. Nobody at all is like “the image of poop grossed me out” or “I hate dung beetles” or “once I found out it was poo, I uninstalled the game”.

This is because Yoku, like many of us, has heard the idiom about taking lemons and making lemonade, and, since he’s physically way smaller than any lemon, and since he mainly only eats off his ball of dry shit, what he’s literally done instead is take a giant ball of stanky cranky poo poo and turned it into a source of joy for thousands of other people, who maybe can’t naturally stretch their imaginations that far. And to us, this is something everyone can learn from. He took his shit and made shitonade. In a good way. Yoku’s Island Express is $3.99. Buy that crap.

The official trailer for Yoku’s Island Express:

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Sould out, lol.


Sold out in two minutes, wow. Congrats, Chrono.
Looks like this happened the past few days too, just a derp.


seriously sold out with 24 hrs left on deal…


it’s back up @Thantoss @Marxally



might be another problem at hand atm


A fantastically fun game. I’m not particularly fond of pinball, yet this game holds a special place in my heart. It’s overloaded with charm, the gameplay is fun, it controls great, and kept me engaged throughout.

It’s easily worth full price, at this price it’s even better :).


A review from @Pylinaer and @missiloon:


Alex sure has an interesting description title to advertise today’s game. I never would’ve expected to be enticed to buy something based on carrying around a ball of [schtuff].


Actually, dung beetles are quite cute! I like all sort of beetles, especially scarabs. It’s little wonder that it sold out so quickly, for that price, if you were ever tempted to play a game like this, the sale is great timing.


It didn’t sell out and is still for sale.