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that’s not how money works


It’s for a good cause, and it’s 100% for charity, so I have been jumping on it yearly without really any thought…

Last year the games were kind of meh… I got a few good games the year before…

I bought the bundle just now, and we will have to see what’s ultimately in store overall and whether the games are worth the $30…

Like @coralinecastell already pointed out, it really doesn’t work like that, unless you have every intention of buying every single title in there for full price and would definitely do it even if you don’t put money into the bundle… As for me, I already have everything from day 1, but I still plopped the money down for the donations. If it’s like last year, I will pretty much have everything from the bundle that I would want, and the keys will sit for a while before I can toss them into enough giveaways…


This is a good point. So does 100% of your money gets converted to charity? Awesome if true, so good on your for jumping to the cause. :+1:


No, but Humble Bundle doesn’t take any profit from the sales. From what I know from interacting with some people in the past, I was led to believe that most of the developers who pit their games in also donate the keys, so for those, I do think that most of it goes to charity. I am glad that on my end the charity gives me perhaps a few games that I would have otherwise not purchased or tried.


I think on any humble bundle bundle purchase you can allocate 100% of your money to charity.


Unfortunately that’s not the case…

I think it’s typically 5-10% of what they would be making from the sale going to charity.

This is kind of their one-time-a-year complete charity event…


Guess I don’t understand this part of the page then. Is there a minimum? I thought I had tested it and it would allow $0 but I didn’t actually purchase anything with said ratio because I’m not a complete asshat.


Uh, well, personally, I wouldn’t do that. If I’m buying a bundle is because I want the games, and want the devs to get paid for making them. One thing is allocating 100% of the bundle cost to a selected charity, another is a charity event where the devs actually hop into it without hindering their ability to pay the bills at the end of the month, you know? :thinking:

But yeah no idea about how HB handles the charity donations. :woman_shrugging:


Actually I guess you are right about that, I was mistaken it seems… I will look into it a bit more…


I think I am going to sit this year out, maybe… gimme like 2 days and I might change my mind.


By the way, the Dreadlands BETA has been confirmed by the developer to be a beta period from now until December 31… So don’t think you are getting a good game pre-release in a bundle. It’s going to disappear from your library at the end of the month.


todays games are: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad with Rising Storm Invisible, Inc., Dreadlands and Clatter


The Rising Storm doesn’t get included apparently… they screwed up the key/bundle activation


Games I don’t have:

I know it’s for charity…BUT :persevere:


Todays games:
Animal Super Squad
Locked contentChivalry: Medieval Warfare
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Locked content41% OFF your one-time purchase on


Hero Defense is a decent addition to the lineup today…



Those 2 are def. worth having. :smile: Still not buying though. I’m still in wait mode for new computer stuff.


it has coinshop games!!!


the full list of games looks mostly uninteresting. definitely not worth the $30 imo


I agree. Some interesting games in there but not nearly enough to make me buy the bundle.