Yet another Tabletop Bundle
It’s not a particularly spectacular one. Main reason it grabbed my attention is that it contains a few of the games that were in the very first humble tabletop bundles that has not been in bundles since. So if there’s anyone out there who’ve been wanting to grab a few of the titles we’ve been playing around here for a reasonable price then this might be a decent chance.

Tier 1 - 1€
Smallworld 2: Pretty good worker placement strategy game. It has a pretty large roster of races with different attributes that helps keep the game fresh.

Mysterium: Co-operative detective game which @onLooSe and I are trying to gear up towards getting into recently, grab it now and get a spot by the table as we all learn it together.

Abalone: 2 player game of pushing around marbles on a board. Not very interested myself so I don’t know much about it.

Tier 2 - 4.99€
Pandemic: Unfortunately this game does not have online multiplayer so it’s kind of pointless in my opinion. Other than that it IS a pretty well done implementation of a fairly well regarded tabletop game.

Talisman: Not great, not awful. RNG adventure game where you just kind of roll the dice and see where they get you. Tends to drag out a bit.

Splendor: Economic strategy drafting game. The physical card game is pretty well regarded but I’m unsure about the digital version. I’d like to try it out however.

Tier 3 - 9.99€
Carcassone: Strategic tile placement game. Pretty highly regarded and looks like a lot of fun. I would very much like to get to play this with a few people at some point.

Ticket to Ride: Building railroads around the world. It’s a great deal of fun and everyone who’ve tried it has said so. You should try it too.

I would strongly recommend going for tier 3 here for both of the top tier games. I would probably not recommend tier 2 so if you find tier 3 a bit too rich for your wallet then go tier 1 if you think you might want to join us for Mysterium, otherwise this is probably one to skip.


already have abalone and mysterium from t1, how is small world 2, you know?
something that’s been interest in/worth potential to bother to get for a buck?


I’d say it’s worth a buck for sure. It was a long time since I had the opportunity to play it now but I enjoyed it for what it was. You play on a world map onto which you put units in a similar fashion to risk, but it’s a far smaller map and you start crowding each other out very quickly. Your chosen race has a number of strengths and weaknesses to play around with making the choices of where to expand and which territory to try to hold important.

It is a game that seems a bit shallow at first glance, but opens up as you play it more. The greater drawback might be that many extra races are locked behind DLCs, I honestly do not know if there’s any greater power fluctuations between those that comes in the original package to those that are in the DLCs. I don’t have the experience in the game to tell. But I think the base game is pretty well furnished with options as it comes.

Also from the chrono gang I am pretty much the only one who has it. @PeteMcc does as well but we’d need a few more takers before I can say the potential for us to actually play it exists.


Not much interest in Small World 2. Gremlins is currently on sale somewhere too. Already own Mysterium and Abalone. Only reason to get any of this is Splendour, and that doesn’t feel like a must right now.


I love mysterium, and playing games with other people. Somebody actually let me know when you guys play and id love to join in.


You part of our tabletop group chat on Steam? If not, @Fraggles plis add.

And I’d love to play Mysterium some time too. :+1:


The problem is that you barely have any games and you’re Australian which makes scheduling things with you very hard. I’ll send you an invite though. I had never, by any means, planned on barring you from joining us when you can. But our most successful times to get a good group together has been EU evening-nights.

If you’re able to pick this bundle up at tier 3 you’ll have ticket to ride which is one of the games a lot of us have and which we’ve managed to play with Pete a couple of times, so that’d increase your chances of joining. 2 Aussies available would mean we’d only need another one or two players to make it an event.

While you do have gremlins that’s been a very cross atlantic timezone kind of activity. But again if you’re up too late and want to join us then I’m sure we could find a spot for you.

The other game you have, Mysterium, is as I said one we’re still trying to figure out how and when to play.


I’m actually back on your side of the world now! just moved recently. I’m not actually Australian, just was living there for a few years.

I’m slowly working on adding more board games in but just haven’t had the time or resources yet (see: moving) but I certainly would love to join when I can. I’ve been here for quite a long time now and feel like I haven’t been able to join in with alot (and yeah timezones will do that).

Edit: bought the tier 3 bundle. I like enough of those games (and splendor is one of my favorites for simple but fun strategy) that it was worth the 10.


Hey I can only speak for myself but:



Up for a round of :yellow_heart: Gremlins :yellow_heart: so let me know if you ever want to play that together! I almost always play with @Vandem and frequently with Fraggles and @Gnuffi! So you’re welcome to join us any time as it allows for up to 6 players and I can’t recall the last time we’ve had a full house among ourselves – probably never.

I’ll ping you next time we play, or you can ping me when you’re free!

Under which time zone are you? I’m UTC/GMT -03:00. Knowing that might help us schedule things!

I also own Ticket to Ride and Mysterium, so count me in for both. We’ve occasionally also played Love Letter and I’m still waiting to play Armello with some of you…


I’m in UTC/GMT -4:00, so I’m pretty close to all of you.

And sure! I’ve never really gotten to play it, my life has been insane since the new year with move prep and actually moving combined with university study, but after next week I’ll have a lot more time. Could maaayyybe do something this weekend though.


Oh I see, sorry I could only go by the nationality you put up on your steam profile. So much for trying to make it easier to play with @PeteMcc then. I’ll go ahead and add you and your new acquisitions to my spread sheet.

Hope to get you into a game sooner rather than later.


ah yes forgot that was that.

Yeah hopefully we can get something together.