Yet another relatively lackluster Fanatical "sale"... well, subjectively speaking.


I’d rather there was very little hype and then just a great deal. This always seems the wrong way round. Lets just wait and see…


you gotta remember how it works
Fanatical don’t set the discounts (mostly) they can’t sell a game cheaper than the publisher allows
(and it’s been a trend last couple of years that some publishers aren’t too keen on sales/Xdiscount-lowering -hell you can barely even get allowed to add your 10% Humble monthly discount to a bunch of sales now)

and so they dig in to their own margins to make it a little more interesting and adding X% more discount to the sale -which then sorta comes out of their profits
also gotta remember, Fanatical being located in “the west”, and sourcing their keys legit, means they can’t undercut prices in the same fashion as certain other secondhand-retailers or non-eu located store.

it’s pretty much always been like that, “same steam prices for X steam region -with a couple of bonus points to spare”. And when games then go on a trend to “have the same sale, every, dang, time” -places like fanatical ain’t exactly gonna be much different
like with every seasonal sale, go to itad (with your region setting) have them apply available bonus discounts/vouchers and see if it’s actually better than usual, and if not; just wait for a time you actually want the game at its usual 75-80% or whatever fixed/regular discount it’s going for these days :+1:


The Fanatical Website layout for games and sales is driving me bonkers. Let me sort the darn thing! I want it Alphabetically and so that games WON’T randomly move pages. I hate when Steam does this too.


Well damn.

@Pylinaer PM’d me but I was gone (damn) but the sale included American Truck Simulator. And I missed it. :sob: What kind of damn Spring Sale lasts for only a day?! :rage:


the spring sale is still going, i don’t think that was part of it, looks more like a weekend deal, with 3 days sale
i keep saying, get notification from Itad (or similar places) so they can notify about desired deals, “in time”