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Yakuza Kiwami - 9/10/19 - $12.99


Today’s deal is Yakuza Kiwami!





So pretty much everyone with at least a little love for Japanese culture can tell you exactly who the Yakuza are, which probably goes a pretty long way towards explaining to you what today’s game is all about, but, much like the 2009 movie Terminator Salvation in 2019, no one really gives a second thought to the word “Kiwami”. (Unless you speak Japanese, obviously, which probably means you read it no problem.) Anyway, it means “extreme”, and that’s pretty much exactly what we have here; an extreme version of the first Yakuza game with better graphics, dialogue, and gameplay, all in 4k with unlocked framerates, but much like the skin and metallic bone of a Terminator robot in its human disguise, there are more layers to this word than you expected.

One of the wildest things is this guy Goro Majima, who is crazy, dresses kind of like a snake, and wears an eyepatch. He’s already a pretty extreme and dangerous guy, but just like that clip of that time Christian Bale yelled at that crew member off camera on the set of Terminator Salvation, with the new Majima Anywhere System, no one sees him coming, and no matter where you are, he follows you and challenges you to a fight. Like literally, he’ll climb out of a trash can and fight you in the street. If that’s not extreme, this isn’t Yakuza Kiwami.

But even more extreme than that is the premise. Our favorite Yakuza boy Kiryu decides to take the fall for a murder committed by his friend Yami, and just his luck, he spends ten years in prison before he’s paroled. Can you imagine skipping ten years of life, reality, and culture? Is it possible to step into a long forgotten time that seems simultaneously the same and also so so totally different? It’s almost impossible to tell the concrete differences between times when they’re only a decade apart, and if that’s not the most extreme kiwami mindblow you can imagine, watch Terminator Salvation today on blu ray, and buy Yakuza Kiwami for less than a plate of steak and eggs to see what we mean.

The official trailer for Yakuza Kiwami:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

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what a good sale to follow the one of 0 <3

Just be mindful if you are starting this game after Yakuza 0 that its slightly “smaller” map wise than the previous one and also more difficult as well.

its not a bad game in the series by any means but its definitely will be different from what you may come to expect.

also, if you have a save file from the previous game present, you will receive a lil bonus item ingame.(Dragon God Amulet)

other than that if you may have any questions about the game, feel free to ask away and i will do my best to answer them ^^ (as spoiler-free as i can manage which will be kinda difficult, being a huge fan of the series X3)


Super deal!

I’ll stick to Y-0 though since I can’t physically play that one yet either. Still, this is a great game full of the feels! T_T Practically a fight on every street corner too, ^^

From watching gameplay alone, you guys will have fun with it. What I like most is the side quests and stories and the characters you meet too. Plus the special moves you can get if you’re in a fight near one of your new NPC friends. ^^ Cool game, without a doubt.


So Sega IS providing the series to (or at least 2 games)! Sweet!


Guess what we’ll be featuring tomorrow.


pets the coon Judgement? ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s Soup in My Poop!


Yakuza Kiwami 2.


Breakin the lawwwwwww/breakin ze woooorllld


A private YouTube link of you singing the song Baka Mitai and we have to pay to get the link?




Well, I will own up that my guess was wrong.


Yessssssssssss! There’s a streamer who uses that song a lot. Love it. If he’s singing that one in Yakuza 0, I will squeal! ^^ :heart:


Hello hello hello! I need your advice :blush:

I’ve always been drawn to the idea of Yakuza games. My obsession with classic Japanese cinema always made them feel to me like a perfect interactive blend between the absurdity of, say, Sion Sono’s work, Mahjong and sweet sweet revenge with karaoke undertones.

That said, a very nice Chronie gifted me Yakuza Kiwami – thank you so much, once more! – and I just spotted Yakuza 0 has entered a 50% off sale on Steam, which makes it affordable for me – SEGA doesn’t regionally price its games on Steam, so they cost us far too much at full-price.

I can absolutely see Yakuza 0 dropping bellow 50% this time of the year next year, but I do have the money to afford it now at this price, so I might as well grab it.

In short, my question is:

Would you advise me to start the series with Yakuza Kiwami or Yakuza 0?

I’ve seen both opinions on my quick skim-through online, but I value your opinion more highly and think you’re more likely to justify your stance than those one-liners I’ve seen on Reddit.

Arigato in advance! :blush:


definitely start with Yakuza 0 if you wish to have the best experience possible, it starts you off on a much better footing than Kiwami in terms of difficulty and also conten ( not to mention it lets you play as Majima and believe me, youll definitely grow fond of him after his introduction, haha)

Kiwami is good in its own right but after 0, it will definitely feel like a bit of downgrade ^^ Not to mention the brief story summary it gives you about the happenings of 0 doesnt do enough justice compared to if you experience it by yourself.

Be mindful though that the Yakuza games are LONG and packed of content so dont be afraid if you may feel overwhelmed a bit at first, as there is no rush, make sure to explore every nooks and crannies :slight_smile:

Anata o tasukeru koto wa watashi no yorokobideshita and to introduce even more people to a series that I hold dear to my heart.


Haven’t either @coralinecastell but I agree with Tatsuya. In Kiwami, there are a lot of characters and past events with links back to 0. I had to asked about characters and situations in stream that others already knew having watched/played through 0.

So if you like continuity, I’d start with 0 too. If you prefer taking care of a bunch of adorable kiddies, lol, then Kiwami isn’t bad to start with, but there are a good few interpersonal interactions you won’t understand or get as invested in.


Yakuza 0 is a better start as it’s a prequel. Kiwami is actually a remake of the original Yakuza 1 (and Kiwami 2 is obviously a remake of Yakuza 42 while we complain about the lack of a remake of Yakuza 2). Thus, 0, then 1, then 2, etc. etc.

Plus Yakuza 0’s minigames are more fun (they have actual full version Sega arcade games in it).

With that said as a prequel, it was made after Yakuza 1, so plot-wise it wouldn’t hurt that much to go ahead and start at Kiwami, and then do a sort of time warp and play 0 whenever you can buy it.

I like your description of Yakuza’s theme. Made me laugh a bit!


Kiwamis arcade always felt a bit lacking (like only UFO claw machine, Mesuking and that photo booth? really?) although Mesuking was a significantly better version of the Catfight minigame in Yakuza 0 (with less nonsensical RNG involved) and pocket circuit as well

on the other hand, the Majima Everywhere system, while made sense story-wise it became really infuriating at the new game plus.