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Yakuza 0 - 9/9/19 - $8.99


Today’s deal is Yakuza 0!





Eight ninety-nine. Your black tuxedo jingles as you walk with the change in your pocket you grabbed from countless fallen others, street punks all, now in the hospital and penniless thanks to you. You close your good eye for a moment and the sounds of the world around you fill your mind. The gun tucked into your waistband is heavy against your back. How did it come to this? The cars, the wind, the screaming cries of the men you left broken in that alley. You open your eye again and the 1980’s come to life in technicolor. You wouldn’t know it if you saw it, but it’s absolutely dripping with uncapped framerates and 4k textures.

It’s true, times are truly the best they’ll ever be right now. You move down the street and the different neon storefronts are like doors to different worlds. The smell of barbequed eel and pungent dipping sauces lights up the night, and an arcade hums with a demented swelling of bleeps bloops and hisses from the hundreds of tiny speakers inside the rows and rows of sterling white game cabinets.

Finally, you’re at the world door you were looking for before the alley fight, and the bouncer doesn’t even check your ID as you walk in because he’s far too scared of a tough customer like you. You move your arm to check the time on the chunky Rolex strapped to your wrist. It’s time to dance. A waitress moves through the VIP section with a tray of drinks and you down one in twelve seconds as you move towards the dance floor. Princess Princess explodes from the speakers. This is your city. This is your night. This is Yakuza Zero.

The official trailer for Yakuza 0:

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all I can say is: if you dont have the game yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Go buy it!

you wont regret it:



This game is a real joy to experience. 5/5 good game all day.


Played through it on PS4 and bought on PC too just because it’s so damn good, highly recommended.
I’m amazed how well it ran in 4K on my potato i5 and 1060.


Guess with those sorts of sterling recommendations, I can’t say no to it.


Will consider buying the game


Daaaammnnnn I really want this game… will check local currency and steam all-time low to see if it’s worthwhile.

Thanks for the great deal, Chrono! :blush:


That that consideration and turn it into conviction. :smiley:


@Tatsuya is 200% correct! BUY THIS GAME SEGA DID THIS RIGHT! I gifted to all my friends already so I don’t know what to do now… Wait a minute… OPPORTUNITY!


I’ve seen some of Kiwami streamed. Quite like Kiryu as a character. Got it, can’t run it yet, lol. sigh

This time at least, my country wasn’t locked out, so yay! Great deal, Chrono! ^^


any game that lets you sing japanese kareoke as a stern looking yakuza guy is 10/10 in my book


Is it any better than Kiwami for example? Because i’ve played Kiwami on PS4 and i cant say i found it that great. Yeah it had a lot of funny moments,wacky characters and creative activies but repetitiveness hits soon hard and difficulty spikes amazed even me , seasoned souls player.


Honestly Yakuza 0 is where everyone should start in my humble opinion especially because it gives you a good insight into the main characters motives and what started the whole saga.

I have both 3 Yakuza games that are avalaible on PC (beaten the first two so far) and Kiwami is definitely a more compact game compared to 0.

Now keep in mind that Kiwami aims at remaking the first Yakuza game ,which by design wasnt as big (ps2 system limitations) and in my ways the difficulty was less forgiving (that was sorta balanced with giving you the option to start a new game plus save on Legend after beating the game even on normal difficulty save compared to 0 where you had the beat the game first on Legend difficulty to acces the NG+).
Other than that, its very much a niche series, with an aim to be more about quality than about GTA-esque quantity.

Im not sure at which chapter your at in Kiwami but after chapter 3 is when Kamurocho truly starts to open up with all locations accessible. While I know its easy to talk when its not your money that is spent, for its discounted price you cannot really go wrong with it.

Just be mindful that in many ways the adagio of WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) strongly applies but with a bigger map to explore (Kamurocho and Sotembori) and the side activities are a bit more plentiful. (though Kiwami has a better version of the catfight minigame and pocket circuit is less of a frustrating endevour)