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Yakuza 0 - 8/26/20 - $4.99


Today’s deal is Yakuza 0!




The official trailer for Yakuza 0:

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Got it here before. Still in can’t run limbo, but nuts, I should activate it. >>


When I go to buy there’s a tooltip showing countries I cant redeem the game in. The UK, where I am from, is on both of these lists, so does this mean I can’t buy the game from here?


I am pretty sure if you buy the EU key, it should work. Let’s ask @SlushieSamurai and @Ernin8t0r, maybe they can help. I looked at the two keys, they all have the same restrictions. My guess is that the country listing for the EU key is mistakenly labeled to be not able to be activated.


Yeah something does not seem right, the EU key claims to be unusable in most if not all EU countries while the ROW key is listed to be unusable in the same countries as well as a few more. I’m thinking one of those lists is a white list and lists countries it CAN be redeemed in, the EU one most likely.

Here’s the entry for the EU package from steamDB which confirms my suspicion.

Chrono page should say the key can only be registered in the listed countries so the EU key should be safe for a UK resident to purchase.


Yeah I emailed support and they said it was a mistake, the EU key works fine for me


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