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X-Morph: Defense - 4/5/19 - $6.50


Today’s deal is X-Morph: Defense!





Welcome, my unsettlingly creepy alien brethren, for this meeting of the invading forces has come to order. Now, first order of business, let it be known, we may look like emotionless cyber-organic death statues, but really we’re just like any other alien, and mostly, we just think the humans really suck. That’s why for the most part, we’re going to leave their annihilation up to you. Just build whatever you need to build, harvest however many you need, and stick around yourself in a small fighter to clean up any messes that come up. No big deal.

Also, big news, as you know, our language is impossible to pronounce by human vocal chords, and since giving them a name to fear is a big part of our plan, we’ve decided to come up with an “Earth name” to go by. Anyway, we had our essay contest last weekend, and thanks to his entry titled “How I’d Do It: The Human Invasion”, Lt. Plorgnog’s son Eeple won, and has decided we’ll all be known as X-Morphs for the remainder of the war. Pretty cool, pretty cool…

And for our final bit of business, I realize that the subject matter is kind of funny, so I’d appreciate it if you left all laughter until the end. Apparently, forward scouts are reporting sightings of…(snicker)…human mecha. And yes, when I say mecha, I mean giant robots they’ve actually BUILT to try and defeat us. Experts say there’s not much to fear since the mechanisms that cause my pinky finger to move are more complex, but don’t let your guard down on the battlefield, nothing would be more embarrassing than getting destroyed by something as crappy as that.

Anyway, that’s it for today’s meeting, good fighting out there, and defend those turrets! X-MORPHS FOREVER!

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This is the lowest X-Morph: Defense has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous low was $6.79 on Steam.

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Nice game, I like it


I just bought this recently myself… haven’t gotten around to playing it yet, but when I saw it I thought it looked like a lot of fun.