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Wings of Vi - 5/20/16 - $5


Today’s deal is Wings of Vi!




Yo, what’s up, everybody? I’m Alex, I write these fun little descriptions every day (except for that time I missed Bloodsports), it’s awesome, you’re awesome, hello. Normally I use this place to take on the voice of, a wonderful company full of wonderful people, to sell you this game and make you laugh. Today, I just wanted to check in with y’alls, because one, Wings of Vi is one of the neatest coolest dopest games I’ve seen in a while, and it has great combat and cool flutter jump mechanics and great art, and two, holy shit it’s hard as balls.

You play as an angel in this game, probably just as a friendly reminder that the game itself is perfect and godlike and that it is I, the terrible gamer, who is flawed, and each time that I made it past some hard ass jump or a boss that literally made me want to just get in my car and drive, I truly did feel like I was touching heaven, letting beams of almighty power rain down on my half-naked body as I sat in my awful wooden computer chair, leering in overwhelming happiness as I held my Xbox controller with the chewed up nubs despite the sweat on my dirty clammy hands.

Wings of Vi is a beautiful, well crafted, and completely fair gameplay experience, and I personally think everyone who ever reads this should just give in and play through it, because not only is it on sale, and super rewarding when you get past something tough, but it reminds you of what hardcore gaming is, and it teaches you how to play video games from the ground up again by breaking down everything you thought you knew and replacing it with something cooler and better.

Man. I want ice cream now.

The official trailer for Wings of Vi

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This is the lowest Wings of Vi has ever been individually discounted, previous low was $7.49 on Steam.

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Gasping for air.

A description… huff… full of run-on sentences… puff… can only mean Alex is really excited and passionate about this game he’s pitching. I am intrigued now, though low on breath as I always read aloud anything written, which annoys the crap out of the people around me, because they don’t understand the beauty of old-fashioned gracefully written run-on sentences, because back in those days punctuation was used for style, and not like your stupid modern practices of forcing in periods, and abruptly stopping your engaging writing, when a simple comma can give adequate pause, before continuing the flow of your organized and engaging thoughts, as you captivate your reading audience with your train of thoughts going full steam ahead, but with great sadness eventually reaching the final station of conclusion, as the writing ends and everyone aboard departs and carries on with their lives with the remainder of their day, but we can all agree that while it lasted, it was a heck of a ride, full stop.

…That sucked. Damn Alex is way better at this.

Also who wrote the Bloodsports.TV description? There were too many names in there to guess. Justin maybe? Or did I miss the joke, and it was still Alex who wrote it? I felt something fly by my head, so it was probably the joke.


Justin did indeed write the Bloodsports.TV description! I’ve also written a few here and there when we’ve had last minute changes. Alex is definitely the main wordsmith though.


Cool! Thanks for clarifying and good work! Always fun to read as you (who can apparently come up with an engaging description with little notice), Alex, and Justin have a great sense of humor. I wondered how Alex would write about This War Is Mine without making light of anything, and his resulting description was perfect and appropriate. Jokes for most, but not all games.