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Whispers of a Machine - 9/27/19 - $11.24


Today’s deal is the Whispers of a Machine!





The Agent will be here soon to investigate. From what I hear, the person that they sent is young, but quite capable.

Really? Because I hear that the person they sent is basically like if Robocop were a detective.

No kiddin!

No kidding. She’s got, like, Batman’s detective vision. She can scan blood on stuff and tell how old it is–cross reference it with other blood just like that!

That… well that’s extremely convenient.

I’m not done. She’s also like a human lie detector. And she has super-strength. My contact told me he saw peel a locker door off the wall like it was tissue paper.

Do you believe your friend?

Well, if he’s lying, we can always ask her to find out.

If your friend wasn’t lying about the lie-detection.

Don’t be a smartass, Kurt.

We’re really going to need all the help we can get, though. All the augmentations in the world won’t help us if she’s not an excellent detective.

Well, I guess that depends on the choices she makes along the way… and whether or not these whispers of ‘The Conduit’ are true.

Oh yeah? What did you hear?

I couldn’t tell. They were whispering.

Now who’s being a smartass?

The official trailer for the Whispers of a Machine:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

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oh my goooooooooooodddddddddddd


guys, if you buy in dollars and like p&c games absolutely get this one!

it’s by the same people who made Kathy Rain which is absolutely excellent! :blush:

Once again my friend Kemo wrote a really good review for it:


Looks good to me too - understand why I keep seeing it on Wishlists now. It can go on mine too. Got Aragami the other day.

Edit: It’s already on my Wishlist, lol.


I am now following your good friend Kemo. I tried to leave a message to tell him I am not a stalker…or strange person and that I knew you and I liked his review. Is telling him I know you a good thing??? Also, maybe I am a stalker and strange person. Anyways…just tell him I don’t bite and to please accept my invite…Please :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Kemo and I have been talking for a while, and our taste in games aligns on a spiritual level. Anything he recommends I probably would too and vice-versa.

I’ve recently told him about Chrono so rest assured he wouldn’t find it strange at all. I’ll give him a head’s up anyways, dear! :butterfly:


I like Kemo’s reviews, although at one point he added me, then removed me the next day, and deleted the messages he wrote on my wall, and I haven’t heard from him. Not sure what I did to offend him exactly. I still read his reviews and click thumbs up, because they are very informative and helpful.


sorry to hear that. I can’t speak for him so no idea what happend. :confused: :woman_shrugging:


It’s all good, I still follow his reviews, haha. I don’t mind. I rarely speak up on Steam anyway, so having friends gives me opportunity to do two things usually:

  1. Look at activity feed and click like on stuff.

  2. Look at wishlists and give stuff away.

It was just head-scratching for me, 'tis all. No big deal.