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Whispering Willows - 1/28/20 - $1.49


Today’s deal is Whispering Willows!





So okay, so business stuff out of the way, tl;dr, Whispering Willows is a beautiful hand drawn puzzle game about a girl looking for her missing father that you should buy right the heck now cause it’s only two bucks, but, and this is mainly what we’re psyched on, in order to find him, she uses an amulet he gave her that lets her walk to the spirit plane and chat with ghosts and junk. Now, we’ve been talking about this a lot at the official water cooler, and we’re not really calling it selfish, because like, you gotta be allowed to look for your missing dad no matter what, but like, if that’s the only thing she could think to do with that amulet, she’s just in denial.

Like, remember that TV show from 10 years ago Pushing Daisies where the piemaker can bring people back to life by touching them but then when he touches them again they die again? Like, right off the bat he used it to bring back his dead childhood crush, but after he got that out of his system, he was constantly doing things like solving murders, and learning secrets, and just generally doing a bunch of good cool stuff. The only problem was, everytime he touched someone, they’d die, and it was tragic and inconvenient and whatever whatever whimsical mid-2000’s ABC TV show.

In this case with the amulet, there’s not even a downside though! Like, seriously? You can talk to any dead person? Okay then, well we’ve already talked about how good it would be for solving murders, but then there’s stuff like super-accurate documentaries, or even hell, just being a SUPER good medium for people who need it would be awesome! Or like, and this is crazy, but what if you talked with Jesus? He’d probably be chill as Hell, or, Heaven…whatever, that’s not a phrase. You get it. Point is, this game is tight, but when you’re bored at the water cooler, sometimes…you get off track? Whatever. Buy this game.

The official trailer for Whispering Willows:

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Official water cooler… Hmm… Can we buy that as merchandise? I mean, I can go to my local grocery store and pick up a water bottle so I don’t need it preloaded.