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What is the worst game you have played in your Steam account?


You caught me…
I wanted to eke out one more achievement. Can’t be bothered to do that last one.




Yeah, i totally get it. I do it all the time too. So i’m gonna turn it around towards myself and mention my favorite torture ‘software’. I usually have difficulty deeming something truly awful and not just disliking it for not being my jam. But this game is undeniably terrible.

Blood of the Werewolf is an action platformer, (with over a hundred achievements)that fails both of its genres. The platforming and run n’ gun gameplay is stiff, unlike the good type of stiff you get from other retro style platformers like: Volgarr the Viking and Mercenary Kings.

For the Most part my only gripe, but i keep returning to it every year, even though I’ve actually finished it. :persevere:

After recently finding out and about of the general story themes, I’ve decided i’m gonna stay way the fu#k back from that thing. :grimacing: Maybe two will be good though. The dynamic of the brothers seems a lot better.


All of the free giveaways from Indiegala before they got taken off of the steam store. They’re so bad that they have been hidden away.


@snake153 same


Natural Selection 2. I think this may be part of how I was introduced to the game. I played maybe 5 mins of a round before I quit. I think part of the problem was I was attempting to play with a friend and they didn’t wait for me to run the tutorial, etc before dropping us into a multiplayer match. After being basically straight out murdered, I said, nope, not for me.

If we are going for something I didn’t rush, I’d say Aura Kingdom for being extremely boring. Like, you can afk run to your next quest. wasn’t a particularly interested in that.


oh they used to be, shit show started with Modern Combat 4, before those were actually solid mobile CODs