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What is the worst game you have played in your Steam account?


Dirty Bomb… 1100 + hours of it… and fucking Paul Wedgwood did what everyone expected out of him

Step number 1:
Sell the company for millions (no one knows how)

Step number 2:
Take the money and resign.

Step 3:
Job well done.

All this and at the same time be mediocre devs and fuck up on everything possible.


I have a category made titled “hot garbage” on my library where I jam anything I’m never going to waste my time on and the first thing that springs to mind is Rage Parking Simulator 2016.

I don’t know where it came from, I just know it’s where it belongs.


unsure, i own quite a lot of stinkers i’m sure :thinking:
but one i do remember leaving a sour taste in my mouth was Homefront, pretty sure i never even managed to endure that sludge to completion. But don’t know if it actually qualifies as “the worst” i own/played :man_shrugging:


Sadly enough, for now I have to go with LEGO® The Hobbit™. Yeah, I know, it was free. Still, the controls make it painful, the game’s not fun but boring, and overall the experience is the most dull and unpolished I’ve seen from LEGO for many years.

Granted, I don’t play that much of LEGO games, and don’t play them on PC at all. But I’ve just reread There and Back Again and The Lord of The Rings, and desperately wanted more of Tolkien’s magic. Didn’t expect much from a LEGO game, but it just feels painful to play. Wouldn’t like it if I was a kid. I remember dumping the games I didn’t enjoy playing, and launching the ones with nice gameplay \ play feeling instead, even if it was 5th or 10th time.


This was a gift of a friend to me, to basically have a laugh at me:

I’m not exactly informed about the standards on the pseudo-pedophilia and pseudo-zoophilia market since the dawn of owning child-porn in Japan around a decade ago BUT HOLY SHIT HOW INSULTING CAN SOMETHING BE JUST FOR THE SAKE OF BEING TERRIBLY BAD, not many times I felt so insulted in my life and certainly never just because someone suggested that piece of rooten crap can be called art or even just entertaintment. I felt anger, for all the horrible things this implies and for how lazy and stupid it was.

I erased the game from my library with the blessing of my friend after trying it for about 22 minutes or so.

As a conclussion:



Not sure what the actual #1 worst would be, but X-COM Enforcer is by far one of the most insulting. It’s Infogrames running the X-COM name into the ground with a barely functional and shallow MDK wannabe. It has absolutely nothing in common with X-COM, even down to the enemy design and characters, and the story is pathetic. The game killed X-COM. That’s really all you need to hear. (notice the hyphen in the name, XCOM by Firaxis is its own thing and unlike Infogrames they’re actually putting effort into their games)

There’s plenty of other moments I’ve had where I’ve gone “This game sucked!”, but most of them are just either boring or a huge letdown. Alone in the Dark came pretty close to this list as well, Just Cause 3 survived on the merit of having one or two similarities with its infinitely superior predecessor JC2.


I’ll say Deathgarden for now, I played it on launch week they had it free for a week (it was like a free weekend but for the full week instead) and it had multiple problems one being optimization and another was controls and the OP-ness of certain characters.


Horribly optimized “Full Release” game and some of the worst Devs on the planet, comparable to EA and recently Bethesda and Blizzard :slight_smile:


These devs are really good at making addicting games but not making them good.


Easy, Dayz.




Glad i wasn’t the only one to notice. :rofl:


I’ve mentioned it before but Life is Strange, it’s hard to describe how much I despise it. It’s the only game I’ve straight up deleted from my library.

@Eidos But Nekopara is so good, the nsfw versions that is. :ok_hand:t4:


You caught me…
I wanted to eke out one more achievement. Can’t be bothered to do that last one.




Yeah, i totally get it. I do it all the time too. So i’m gonna turn it around towards myself and mention my favorite torture ‘software’. I usually have difficulty deeming something truly awful and not just disliking it for not being my jam. But this game is undeniably terrible.

Blood of the Werewolf is an action platformer, (with over a hundred achievements)that fails both of its genres. The platforming and run n’ gun gameplay is stiff, unlike the good type of stiff you get from other retro style platformers like: Volgarr the Viking and Mercenary Kings.

For the Most part my only gripe, but i keep returning to it every year, even though I’ve actually finished it. :persevere:

After recently finding out and about of the general story themes, I’ve decided i’m gonna stay way the fu#k back from that thing. :grimacing: Maybe two will be good though. The dynamic of the brothers seems a lot better.


All of the free giveaways from Indiegala before they got taken off of the steam store. They’re so bad that they have been hidden away.


@snake153 same


Natural Selection 2. I think this may be part of how I was introduced to the game. I played maybe 5 mins of a round before I quit. I think part of the problem was I was attempting to play with a friend and they didn’t wait for me to run the tutorial, etc before dropping us into a multiplayer match. After being basically straight out murdered, I said, nope, not for me.

If we are going for something I didn’t rush, I’d say Aura Kingdom for being extremely boring. Like, you can afk run to your next quest. wasn’t a particularly interested in that.


oh they used to be, shit show started with Modern Combat 4, before those were actually solid mobile CODs