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What are your most anticipated game releases for Summer/Fall of 2018?



Kingdom Hearts 3.
Spyro: Reignited
Below (Hopefully)
Radio the Universe

Most of the games I’m looking forward to either have no release date, are next year or haven’t actually been announced yet. :neutral_face:


That was due 4 years ago o.O


This just came out on the 17th! The graphics are so pretty…

AntVentor is a point & click adventure game. You find yourself in a photorealistic macroworld where you immediately manage to ruin the life of the main character, ant, and foil all his plans for making his dream come true. Can you help get everything back in order?



the look on that ant’s face! :rofl:


I know I talked mad crap about XCOM 2 recently, but… any word on that next expansion? I may end up picking up XCOM 2 WOTC if we’re actually getting more content soon.

I was working on a sh!tpost, and all the sound assets and redrawing HUD elements got me back in that XCOM mood.


Every damn time I’ve seen this name my brain tries to read it as Wrath Of The lich Cing and obviously it doesn’t quite work and I just get hung up on it instead.


I got it finally. And you can’t beat the price…with artbook and OST

Shout out to @yoshirules, @coralinecastell and @AcornAvenger!:scream:


Totally forgot this thread was a thing thanks for reminding me @delenn13, but 2 of my anticipated games turned out to be a bust. The Crew 2 was pretty good during Closed Beta & Open Beta but once released it was a shallow game from what i read in reviews and such& Fifa 2019 is a flop in a sense from what i heard made some good changes and some bad. & The Last Night is now TBA no longer a 2018 release.


A lot of stuff got delayed.

It’s so weird when these companies put a date on AAA games for customers. They really have no idea when it will be done, but I imagine someone needs the date to be public. 3/5 games I’m looking forward to at least trying were delayed.


well y, the stock holders, for one, the company needs to keep them excited for what’s coming (in terms of sales) just to keep the company stock value from diving i guess


Thank you for this suggestion :smiley: I ended up purchasing the game and can’t wait to play it :tada::sunflower:


Yea, I wanted to play it this weekend…then things, like usual, got in the way. I am busier since I retired…Crazy times!:exploding_head:


Well Darksiders 3 came out and I finished that. On the road to 100% completion and now I’m kinda looking forward to mutant year zero. It looks fairly interesting.


I’m was highly anticipating Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. But I guess it will be next year or more.
Cool clothes, nice graphics, having kids be my next character, castles, fighting! Gah! I’m so hyped.

Otherwise, 2018 has been a year of mostly AAA gaming failures. It’s what pushed me to the patient gamer subreddit so I can play old games I’ve skipped.

I’ll be hopeful in 2019.