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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


I’ve never heard of that character before! Does it have any relation to Deadpool? At first I thought you were talking about Lady Deadpool, but googled it and was intrigued! Although I don’t like the art style. Looks like Runaways!

Haha, that’s what I came here for! I just finished it 10 minutes ago!

I enjoyed the first season of Iron Fist, but understood the critique and why it’s considered the worst of the Netflix MCU and hey, someone needs to place last anyway even if all the shows are good! But they really went out of their way to save this one and get it on par with the other Defenders.

Above all I loved the pacing the most and I hope they will keep this up. Cutting down on the episodes really helped to keep things interesting and they didn’t drag out any boring side quests - for the lack of a better word.
Prior each of the shows took at least 4-5 episodes to really get going and Iron Fist was knee deep in the story right from the get go.

The ending, though. That’s some craaaaaaaaaaaazy stuff! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally interested to see where this is going!

Man, why can’t we have the exact same opinion on everything? :smiley:
Jessica Jones took me like 8 episodes before I even gave a shit! I stopped the first time watching and when Defenders came out I forced myself to watch it for continuity’s sake. One of those slow burners! :sweat_smile:


Just agree with me already! :laughing: at least we have a similar enough opinion on Iron Fist. :grin:

It clicked with me because I really love physiological dramas because they are very rarely down right, but it is a very slow show (I love slow burners) and I know that kind of stuff suffers when it comes to the audience. I know people who are fanatical MCU fans who had a problem getting into the show but loved her in The Defenders. However, they presented her trauma in a way that wasn’t cliche and while she acted tough (and was actually very strong) deep down she was “weaker” than she let on and needed the bonds she kept trying to get rid of, like with Trish. Plus…David Tennant as Kilgrave was absolutely phenomenal (and Kilgrave as a character).


It’s too bad the 2nd season couldn’t keep that up, feels like they pretty much reset all the character development of the first and then never did anything new. Just push her back into the alcoholic, insecure, gives no shit about anyone box and never let her out again. The whole cancer story line was rather pointless as well, didn’t really tie back into anything and accomplished nothing than maybe set up the lawyer for some greater villainy developments for the future.


That I can agree on, but just for the second half or even last third of the season.

The first part was just…

potential spoiler for season 1

…binge drinking and fucking Luke Cage. :smiley:


Not really, I believe she took the name before she actually met Deadpool but her powers are clearly inspired by him. You know how Deadpool constantly breaks the 4th wall with jokes? Well Gwenpools power IS the 4th wall, she can jump between panels as she pleases and is essentially a God.


Okay, that‘s something I would wanna read despite the art style! Thanks for bringing that to my attention!



Yup. I was so disappointed with it by the fourth episode I quit watching it. I usually give a show a chance until the sixth or seventh episode, but there was just no soul in S2. I felt betrayed as a fan. :disappointed_relieved: One day I’ll try to finish it but given that I tried already and quit again at episode four, I feel like the quality just isn’t there.


In the reply menu, click the Cogwheel by the smiley face and then click “HIDE DETAILS”. That’s a spoiler box. :slight_smile:


Minus the oversexual content which I odn’t think any show should have (like Game of Thrones, which immediately became better when they cut it down) she had deep emotional strains that felt authentic, especially with how they portrayed them and how she reacted to them. People who were hurt like her (well, not mind controlled obviously) often react in harsh, violent, or alcoholic ways, but the difference is that (unlike S2) they managed to do it without just making her that boozed out idiot.


Having now started playing Bastion (for the first time, yes), I am now enjoying the dulcet tones of The Stranger… Logan Cunningham outdid himself in this role.

EDIT: Just finished Bastion, it was a good story, and the narration was enjoyable throughout.


Now get all the achievements! :wink:

Bastion was one of those games that I enjoyed enough to go for the full house.


With the exception of the Bastion soundtrack loaded up next thanks to hivefleetbothan (:laughing:) I’ve been getting a lot of reading down outside of The Wheel of Time in language studies instead.

The specific book is Viking Language 1 by Jesse L Byock, as it was heavily recommended, and how diverse the content inside is actually surprised me. Not only does Byock attempt to teach you Old Norse but he goes through great pains to teach you it by guiding you through the history and culture of the old Scandinavian peoples (Danes etc). The book also includes education and tests on Elder and Younger Futhark runes so that you may read/understand and write in them.

I’m going to be taking my time with this one though, because I’d like to really soak it in.


Bastion was my first Steam game (via Linux). It was absolutely amazing, especially with that soundtrack.

5/5 game and 5/5 sound insane how amazing the game is and how little I see people talk about it.


Most of the time I listen to music of games I own, but will never play. (Ridiculously)
Games like Outland, Yotun, Kingdom: Classic have great soundtracks (They are on youtube as well. They are relaxing and sometimes thrilling.)

Beside these I love even more the songs from Ori and the Blind Forest and Crysis 3 songs. They are even better if you know the story behind the music.

Just credist after finishing the game Ori and the blind forest, but all the songs have similar melody. They’re really a masterpiece.

The name of the song is Sacrifice. It’s played when Kuro (the main enemy) is sacrifing her own life to save the Forest. Mother’s love wins and the forest heals itself by returning the light into the spirit tree.

When the main character, Prophet, thinks about himself and have a flashback that helps him to save the world from aliens.

When Prophet’s friend, Clerc, is dying.



Brings back memories of better yesterdays -


Is there anyone else who is waiting for Game of Thrones last series?


God do I love Ozzy / Black Sabbath.

Wow. This brings back memories. Nothing will ever beat 90s music. It had so much soul and talent, no matter the genre.

Damn, now you did it.

Yes! I have been waiting for the books a lot longer, but I am excited to see how they end the series. July-April should just be tomorrow already. :sweat_smile:


They are just postponing it everytime. I expected it to be this november.
Its so long waiting for some episodes that could be a part of a 7th season. Because the last was so short. :frowning:



I’m trying to relax (I’m stressed out right now) so I’m listening to some soothing music. Skyrim right now (Jeremy Soule of course), Streets of Whiterun, which makes me think of a better place–a richer world that isn’t our own. That place is Middle-Earth, it is Randworld, it is Narnia, it is Skyrim…it is all of the great fantasy worlds. :slight_smile:

(I’m actually listening to the 1h loop here, yes insane to some I know, but I don’t care. There’s some music I can listen to over and over again. haha)


Latest update:


Poldark: Ross Poldark by Winston Graham - Originally published in 1945, it tells the story of Ross Poldark, who has returned to England (specifically, Cornwall) from the American Revolutionary War. Ross comes back to find the woman he expected to marry is now engaged to his cousin, his family home and lands are in a state of disrepair that boggles the mind, and his general outlook on life is pretty bleak. Things do get better for him from there, though. If you’re a fan of the serialized version of the story on Masterpiece, I recommend picking it up, if only so you can enjoy the source material.

Horrorstor: A Novel by Grady Hendrix - Imagine if Hellraiser took place in an Ikea. That’s about the quickest way to describe this horror novel. The book itself doesn’t tread any new ground that hasn’t already been trampled by other horror media, but the concept itself is at least a slightly fresh spin. It’s helped by the notion that the book itself is designed to resemble an Ikea catalog, complete with advertisements for fictional products that are sold by “Orsk”, If you can find a physical copy, it’s a neat novelty, but otherwise it’s not one you’re going to want to rabidly hunt down.


We’ve been on a BBC-centric kick lately at the Paradox household. If you dig psychological dramas and police shows, then Luther will be right up your alley. Plus, it has Idris Elba as the lead, and that man can act like nobody’s business. We’ve also been watching Peaky Blinders (or “PEEKY F!@#$%G BLOINDAHS” - you’ll know what I mean if you watch the show), which is a damn good (and more than a bit violent) period drama. Highly recommended if you dig period stuff from that era.


I found that it is best watched with subtitles despite the fact everyone speaks English.