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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


I’ve found a new respect in Zendaya’s acting skills. She’s got a charm on screen actors her age rarely give. :+1:

Also, can’t watch any more Locked up (Vis a Vis) due to Netflix not having it. There are more seasons, too, I think about 3. Now I’ll be stuck wondering forever. :frowning:




I’ve been reading Black Klansman lately, and it is really an eye opener for the amount of racism that was present in the 1900s. I found this book through the movie adaptation (“Blackkklansman”). The premise of this book is really interesting.

Some people say the writing style is crap, but personally, I think it’s been a pretty good book so far.

Edit #1: Forgot to mention that there is a lot of profanity in the book. If you aren’t comfortable with racial epithets and vulgur language, DO NOT read this book.


Mr. Delenn and I were talking the other night and he said he missed watching Babylon 5 and so did I. We are now on S1E6. :heavy_heart_exclamation: Didn’t realize how much I missed it until we started this rewatch.
I get shivers every time I hear…“all alone, in the night”.

Love the funny quips and the music…Oh, the music…

I found this page too…


Wow I havent thought about Babylon 5 in a long time, may have to start that again sometime. My wife never watched any of these syfy space shows and finally got curious after listening to me talk about them for years. So she started watching Star Trek Voyager recently, which was one of my favorites, and she is hooked. This could be a good one for her to start watching next.


Voyager is my 2nd favourite Trek…Love that Janeway smile :heavy_heart_exclamation:


caught detective pikachu, hellboy and shaft
pikachu had its moments, but sadly overall i found it a bit lacking, somewhat disappointing and felt sorta like a mess

Hellboy i’ve no clue why they thought it needed a reboot, and when done in that way. This too had its moments, if few, but it mostly just felt really cheap, and “wrong” somehow, and in so many places, and a bit halfarsed too… and i’m still confused as to how they made David Harbour appear so small in a bunch of scenes o.0

Shaft on the other hand, was just thoroughly good old entertainment. Corny as hell action, jokes and dialogue. Just perfect. Way less serious than the 2000 movie, which i think was good. Dialing up and playing on its own over the top and ridiculousness really served the low brow cliche 90’s type action comedy very well.
-gold star for Sam Jackson’s profanities hammering home that R rating as usual :ok_hand:


This typo made my head spin… :smiley:


Fixed. Thanks…LOL :roll_eyes::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you very much! This is really good when I prefer english vocals so much (don’t mind the russian part as well) compared to japanese ones. It has a lot of epic power metal motifs in the intro, so got me concerned at first :smiley:, but was fixed really fast.


The final season of 3 Below. :frowning:


@Fraggles might enjoy this one :musical_note:


Pretty good, up until about 2:07 when they decided to ruin it with rap.
Most cowboy bebop music is great, but you’ll be hard pressed to beat the intro theme.


This is so good!

Here’s the video it comes from which is also amazing and hilarious! Never knew about these amazingly hilarious video’s by the youtuber STBlackST until yesterday. They are super funny!

If you want to watch more of these hilarious videos go here:


Don’t know why I watched it but…Fisherman’s Friends is a good little movie which is based on a true story. Great for when you’re feeling a bit down.

Also watched Hellboy (2019)…felt very budget movie-esque and redundant compared to the originals. Also the acting was pretty bad, although Ian McShane and David Harbour were fine.


head bang


Listening to The Protomen.



@Rhyagelle Protomen, great stuff.
Came across this thing earlier today, takes about a minute for the actual music to start though.

This one might be even better


I am rewatching The Office (UK Version)! Its fascinating how this serie makes me feel bad, uncomfortable and still makes me laugh!