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Way of the Passive Fist - 8/18/19 - $1.49


Today’s deal is Way of the Passive Fist!





Hey, loser!

Pardon, are you talking about ME, good sir?

Yeah, you look like a loser, so I called you out.

Well, that’s not very nice is it.

No, but neither am I! Ha!


W-what was…that?

Oh you mean the way I perfectly parried your attack?

Duh! What the hell else would I be talking about?

I’m not going to answer that, but I will say it’s called the Way of the Passive Fist, and-



Whoa! You just totally dodged me! What gives?

Like I was saying, ya bruiser, ever since I bought this great cheap brawler from, I’ve been training precisely to stop people like you.

Heh heh, well surely if you’re so good at dodging and parries, there’s no way you could-


Ow! My nose! Hnggh…I think you broke the bridge of my nose!

Yeah, well it’s not totally a defensive technique, okay?

You’re an asshole.

No, you came here to fight ME! I was simply sitting here minding my own business. That’s why they call it the W-

Way of the Passive Fist, yeah, I got that. Thanks.

No problem!

Oh quiet, you.

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This matches the lowest Way of the Passive Fist has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous sale was $1.49 on Steam.

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So where do you enter the soundtrack code, because that’s definitely not a Steam key…


I see no way to redeem the OST key. Does not seem a Steam key.


The link leads to splashers steam page.
You want this one:


Hey everyone, sorry for the confusion

You can redeem the OST at


The idea behind this is hilarious. Just dodge/deflect until you can just tip your foes over.

Reminds me of that one boxer who never threw a punch.


if nothing proves he actually existed then he didnt though, especially if what they claim about him is simply impossible:

"Dio says he never lost a match, hit an opponent, or was struck by an opponent. "


A draw is technically not a loss. So even if he didn’t exhaust his foe to surrender, this would still be possible.


In Roman rules the match went till someone surrenders first. So if the dude had good endurance and a strong will its entirely possible he could have existed and achieved that.

@M00 is it at the least exaggerated? Likely so. I still would like to think it’s real though.


no, it is realistically speaking impossible that he never once got hit during boxing matches; if it would be, then let anyone on earth achieve it just once, just as a starter

@hivefleetbothan @Vindace

that is the very detail that makes it impossible


I have a similar reaction as yours, except this reminds me of a different… “Boxer” who also never threw a punch.


The gameplay did look hilarious, so that’s my first Official Chrono buy. ^^ squee!


I guess I don’t understand how it is impossible that he never got hit once… We don’t know how many matches he fought or how many different fighters he fought.

A lot of things are improbable, but I don’t know if it is impossible.