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Warstone TD - 8/8/19 - $4.99


Today’s deal is Warstone TD!





I think it was Shigeru Miyamoto who said “Life…is really effing complicated, bro…”, and though he was probably talking about Pikmin or some shit, isn’t it a feeling that really rings true? Doesn’t it feel sometimes like you’re just a city at the end of a long and twisting but totally linear track with problems shambling down it like a never ending horde of thick meaty beasts who make awful noises as they walk? At least that’s how it feels when all your worst enemies are on the internet, right?

But today is where the cycle stops. Today is the day where you take a step back, look at the big picture, and finally get yourself the stones you need to put some towers up that’ll slow down and maybe even stop that awful and ever-encroaching march of squealing pig-men. Granted we can only guarantee this will happen for sure electronically in your own cheaply purchased copy of Warstone TD, but we’re big fans over here of healthy mantras and changing the mindset, and to us, this is perfect rehearsal for the real thing.

And look, sure this is just a five dollar game you bought off the most purple site on the entire internet, but you know what else is purple? Luxurious and noble royalty, which in our eyes is exactly what you are. So please go ahead and spend that five dollars, my liege. It’s never about cure-alls that can change your life here at, but if we can help you dress for success a little bit and you go on to be a rich and powerful member of society, please remember us and maybe even invest in our beautiful and ever growing business model, because let’s be honest: you’re not the only one dealing with 30-50 feral hogs on the regular. Peace out, gamers.

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This is the lowest Warstone TD has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous sale was $6.08 on GreenManGaming.

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I don’t like TD games, but I really like this one… I think it’s really well made.

Just thought I would throw that out there for folks who might be thinking about it. :smiley:


TD is my addiction once I start, like daily PBJ breakfast sandwiches. O_o Super tempted, but the fab Delenn also gave me a pretty one the other day. sits on tail Being good.


The feral hogs thing is a bit too political for me. I’ll continue getting my free coins and maybe buying things from the coin shop but I won’t be spending any more actual money on this website.



nothing political about referring to a meme, wtf; especially merely referring to something without expressing an actual opinion regarding the subject

if u truly want to claim yr standing up for what u believe in, whatever that’s supposed to be given that it leads to such weird, illogical actions, then u’d not take the free coins either


That “meme” came from some stupid political bullshit. I’m sick of seeing US politics everywhere on the internet. I’ve stopped using Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter but this political garbage has even followed me here.


I advise u to go live on a deserted island if it rly bothers u to that extent, because if this bothers u to that extent, then i dont even want to try to imagine all the things that must rly bother u both online and irl and in whatever other space possible.

on a more serious note, u’ll be way happier the day u learn to just ignore whatever u dont like but isn’t worth spending any time thinking about, so that’s my true advise to u @kevzor


I live in the US, rarely watch TV, haven’t browsed Reddit, Facebook, nor Twitter for the last two weeks. I learned about it from Imgur and the Late Show with Steven Colbert. I honestly didn’t know it was from something political, I just figured someone said something stupid and the meme was born. I’m curious if you are trying to stay away from US politics, how I, a US resident, managed to miss that while in the same situation.

I’ll be honest.
I think it’s funny.


and I only know about it cuz I check the Guardian every day and they had something about it yesterday or so; had i not done that, i would not even have known about it at all. though i do regularly (but not always) watch Colbert on Youtube as well, i havent watched him these last few days

and yes, it is funny indeed. I urge all ppl who are upset to quit eating swine as that is now also stained by politics


I do my best to ignore it, which is why I’ve stopped using social media. I just found out about the meme yesterday, looked into it and found out it was some gun control thing. I check my email today and see “can your towers handle 30-50 feral hogs” and get annoyed at everything being related to politics.
We get it. Orange man bad. Guns bad. People dying bad. I’m just trying to buy some cheap fucking games, not be reminded of this bullshit no matter where I turn.


no man, as i said earlier, just referencing a funny meme is something humorous; you are the one assuming a deeper intention behind it instead of assuming it’s just a joke

you assume that it means orange man bad, guns bad, people dying bad, but anyone could as easily assume that it means gun control bad, liberals bad, restraining freedoms bad because the statement is neutral and does not indicate any stance at all except that it simply mentions something funny, that is all

and if things bother u that much, then just ignore them, i guess, and spend more time doing stuff u actually do enjoy and hf while doing them