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Warstone TD - 1/12/20 - $3.99


Today’s deal is Warstone TD!



The official trailer for Warstone TD:

Our favorite Steam reviews:

Sale price info:
This is the lowest Warstone TD has ever been individually discounted according to ITAD, previous sale was $4.49 on Fanatical.

As always, use this thread to discuss this deal, talk about the game and find other people to play with!



I might buy this for my mom :smirk:
but seriously, she loves these kind of games, looks like a nice deal and a fun game. :sunglasses:


The Greenlight trailer shows a purple space forest? I wonder if that’s in the retail release as well?


I was too late to get it :roll_eyes:
anyone that has the game or an extra copy that would like to trade it?:thinking: