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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - 6/18/19 - $11.99/$7.49/$7.49/$26.97


Today’s deal is Warhammer: Vermintide 2!

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We’ve mentioned this before, but did you know that there’s a weird Malcom Gladwell statistic out there that says most celebrities absolutely LOVE killing rats? Like, not just when they chance upon them, but as a lifelong hobby? Well, we didn’t believe it was true at first either, but once we saw the Jonas Brothers episode of Hot Ones and it almost had us barfing all over our keyboards, we knew for sure that once we sold Warhammer: Vermintide 2 again, in the spirit of murdering wave after wave of Skaven in the main game and both DLC’s, we’d have to get even more celebrities to comment on this bizarre and somewhat upsetting phenomenon, so here you go!

“Did you know I can do a backflip in real life? No, honestly, I can! And I didn’t learn it just for Spider-Man, no no no, I learned it so I could kill big greasy rats faster than Tony Stark died in Endgame. Oops! What I MEANT to say was that Mysterio’s a bad guy! I mean oops! Nothing!” -Tom Holland

“Originally when we wanted to bring back the new Shaft, I fought hard with director Tim Story to change the theme song lyrics from ‘You see this cat Shaft is a bad mother (Shut your mouth)’ to ‘You see this cat Shaft is a rat killer (Shut your mouth)’, but then I had a dream where me and Isaac Hayes got to burn a rat king with one of those Elon Musk flamethrowers, and out of respect, I capitulated. What a beautiful fucking dream.” -Samuel L. Jackson

“A lot of people wonder how Maisie Williams and I became such good lifelong friends after having to work together for 8 years on Game of Thrones, and honestly, the answer is that just like any young friends, between takes we used to take our handmade wooden clubs out into the sewer, get on our camouflage cloaks, and beat the living hell out of some foot-long rattus norvegicus. That’s rats if you didn’t know.” -Sophie Turner

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Great game :slight_smile: Almost 100hours into it !

Here’s my review on steam if anyone cares :

I would love to buy DLCs but they are only like .50cents lower than their full price on steam so not a good deal’o.


Current average players this past 30 days per Steam Charts: 3,155.9

Would be happy if these DLC were cheaper too - as is, not a great deal…Also, Steam Summer sale is days away now. It’s reported to be starting the 23rd.


Did someone say rats?